29 March 2013

Suit and tie | Outfit

Suit: Zara | Shirt: Primark

I like to call this my 'lucky suit'... Even though it's a little bit too big for me now. I wanted a suit for important occasions, such as job interviews. Every time I've worn it, luck seems to go my way. I love the denim feel to it, and the fitted look (although, granted, it's not THAT fitted right now). The trousers are also ankle grazers, so adds a bit of an edge to what could have been a really standard suit. I teamed it with my alphabet shirt, because hey, I work with words.

I've been meaning to post this outfit for a while (notice the sudden bright hair compared to my last outfit post. Oops) but I didn't want to officially announce anything until now. I had my last day at Quicksilver PR yesterday. It was very strange leaving the company, as the people I worked with were fab. I even received a vintage jewellery box and a bottle of wine as leaving presents. Going to miss working with the Quicksilver PR team!

However, I'm off to pastures new and a new job at Rave Communications to work solely as a Social Media Executive. Definitely what I would consider a step closer to my dream (Head of Social Media at Walt Disney World, HELLO) and I'm really excited to start working there! So yeah... Thanks lucky suit for striking again!



Hayley said...

I love the blouse :) x

Rachael said...

Very smart!

Sian Bowen said...

Well done on the job!! Lush suit too!



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