25 April 2013

MUA Pro Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit | Review

MUA Pro Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit - £3.50 (Superdrug)

I'm an avid user of the HD Brows palette, that I received in my first Glossybox (which feels like yonks ago) and I can't really leave the house without my eyebrows shaded in anymore. However, I needed to find a cheaper alternative as I can't afford the HD Brow palette.

The MUA Pro Brow Kit was something I was recommended, but I was apprehensive as it's incredibly cheap compared the HD Brow palette, but I needn't have worried. Yes, it's not as amazing, but it's definitely a good alternative that will do if you're on a budget.

You've got two shades to use (although I tend to mix the shades together) to fill your eyebrows, along with a clear gel to help set your eyebrows perfectly and a matte highlighter for your brow bone. It also comes with a mini set of tweezers, which is pretty cute! The mirror inside is a pretty decent size too, so you don't need to struggle to see into it to get the desired look. The pigmentation is okay... My eyebrows look darker, it lasts most of the day but the colour doesn't sit very well on my brows. I feel like they're not filled out as much as I'd like.

Overall, I'll happily buy this palette again when I need to. It's cheap and it does the trick. I'll definitely be keeping my HD Brows palette for special occasions though!


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