19 April 2013

Tell me do you feel the same | Outfit

oh hi chin and bra strap. deary me.
Top: Topshop | Skirt: ARK | Hat: eBay

I love midi skirts this season, and this Aztec colourful number is from Ark, which is slowly gaining my fashion respect again. I used to love that shop when I lived in Sheffield, but ever since I moved back home I felt it went downhill (and so did its audience due to the shop location... I will say no more). This skirt is quite stretchy but fits like a dream. The material is thin, but you really can't tell when you're wearing it. I love the mix of colours and patterns in it too! I matched it up with my Topshop peter pan blouse and my new bowler hat. Yes, yet another trend that I'm seriously late in joining! This hat only cost £7 and I absolutely adore it! It's going to be stuck on my head for quite a while now.

I've had a pretty good week this week, both at work and, well, in life. I had a day off on Tuesday so I dragged my boyfriend around Worcester to check out all the record shops. I didn't end up buying any (although made up for it with shoes...) but he did. He doesn't even own a record player yet. Unfair much. I also need to recommend going to Carluccios - ahmaaazing food there. They do pasta crisps. CRISPS MADE FROM PASTA. It's like my new favourite carb.

Tomorrow, I'm supposed to be off to the Brum blogger meet with fellow Midland bloggers, but unfortunately I can no longer go! I'm gutted as I've been looking forward to it for SO long, but stupid me doesn't use a diary properly and triple booked myself. Are you going to the meet? I hope you have a fab time if so! (:


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Rasida B said...

Love love this look on you!x

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