11 April 2013

Welcome to the new age, to the new age | Outfit

Dress and socks: Topshop

I'm officially rubbish with outfit posts, but bear with me. This little number ended up in my wardrobe pretty quickly, all because of the cat face. It's quite a standard Topshop fit - very slimming, floaty yet fitted at the top. I'll be honest, I only bought this because of the cat face... And I still stand by that decision. The design is very quirky, especially since the cat eyes are perfectly placed on your chest.

The last weekend was so good, but it absolutely flew by. I went to Coventry for a work event on Saturday, tweeting for one of my clients, which was great fun. I nearly had the chance to meet Gino D'Acampo, but the day was so busy that we had no spare time! Hopefully I will meet him next time! I also got to have some munches with my friend's baby boy and had a lovely catch up with the girls whilst celebrating my friend's birthday! Sunday was possibly my favourite day though - most of the family came round for the day as my brother, sister-in-law and baby niece (from Holland) were visiting! Seeing my baby niece dance to Red Hot Chilli Peppers' Give It Away was possibly the highlight of my year so far. So cute!

Random thought to end this post, but can you believe that we're in April and yet we haven't seen a significant amount of sunshine yet? I remember we had some lovely weather in March last year... Instead we've had snow. What is going on? I want to get my summer wardrobe out again!


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Hayley said...

I love the dress :) My friend recently seen Imagine Dragons live, she said they were really good x

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