31 May 2013

Neal & Wolf Volumising Lotion | Review

Neal & Wolf ELEVATE Volumising Lotion*

I've always held a soft spot for Neal & Wolf, ever since I tried the Intensive Care Treatment (which is amaaazing by the way). I couldn't wait to give this volumising lotion a try. I love my hair to have volume (and I'm blessed that I don't need a lot of help to create the look I want) so I was intrigued to see how well this product would work.

You only apply a small amount to damp hair before blowdrying it. I tend to blowdry my hair upside down, which automatically creates volume. When I did this with the product, my hair was HUGE. I also tried it without blowdrying upside down and my hair was a bit more volumised than usual. It didn't feel heavy on my hair or make my locks look greasy at all.

I also tend to leave my hair 2-3 days before I wash it, and without any product, it goes flatter each day. However, even though my hair did go a little flat, there was still more volume than there usually is after that time! There's a lot of product in this too, so this will last me absolutely ages, making it quite worth the money (£11.95).

It's a great product, but not overly necessary for my hair type. Saying that, if I could tell a difference with mine then I'm sure it would make more of a significant difference to someone with straighter hair to me! I will keep using this, especially on days when I want to make sure my hair stays styled and volumised for as long as possible.

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29 May 2013

Not On The High Street's Framed Chalkboard | Review

Framed Chalk Board by Red Lilly* - £25.99

I can't begin to explain my joy when I received this in the post. When Not On The High Street contacted me to check out the massive range of original items and independent sellers, this framed chalk board stood out to me as soon as I saw it on the website.

The chalkboard reminds me of school, which I absolutely love (it looks more classic than if it was a whiteboard). The frame itself is so gorgeous - a vintage look with such lovely detailing at the top. Quite a worn-looking frame too, as there's scuff marks dotted around it to give it a slightly used look. It definitely adds a bit of character to it. It's big enough too, so you can write plenty of messages and notes if needed.

It's easy enough to hang on your wall, but I'm yet to find the perfect place for it. When I have my own place, I'm going to have it in the hallway or the kitchen (as this will definitely fit the theme for what I'd want. Yes, I've planned these things in my head). Yes, the chalk is so messy and it breaks easily, but it just adds to the fun of it (plus you get a box of chalk for free, so you're all ready to go)! The chalkboard is very easy to clean and wipe down with a damp cloth too.

It may not be a necessity for your home, but it's great little addition, especially for the price! Such a clever idea if you want something a little bit different and antique-esque, without having to hunt through vintage fairs or break the bank at all.

Not On The High Street has such an amazing range of products, including cards (which I've purchased before and are fab!) clothing and jewellery! I've always thought highly of NOTHS but this chalkboard has definitely added the website to my favourite list!

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28 May 2013

Shot my baby with a bang, bang | Outfit

Dress: Primark | Converse: Schuh | Tights: Primark Necklace: Temporary Secretary

With such lovely weather this weekend, I had to dig out my Primark denim dress to wear. The lace back makes it cool to wear during the summer, and also adds some much-needed detail. I wore a crop top over my bra so it's hidden underneath the lace, but when the weather gets warmer, I'd be less inclined to do so. In fact, you could probably get away with wearing a stick-on bra with no straps whatsoever. Risque, much?

I seem to be living in these new pair of Converse that my mum kindly bought for me. I've wanted these beach glass Converse for AGES and I love them so much. Perfect for summer time, to add a splash of colour to an outfit and they will go with pretty much everything. The fangs necklace is so bloomin' cute too! Something different and makes a statement (without being too big)!

I've had a brilliant weekend, mainly because it was my boyfriend's birthday on Saturday! I baked a birthday cake that looked the spitting image of the chocolate cake in Matilda. I treated him to a meal and day out in Birmingham on the Friday, and we went out in the city on the Saturday night with friends. A lot of money was spent, but all in all it was a success. However, why does time always go SO fast when you have fun? Seriously?

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24 May 2013

Teapigs Matcha Green Tea #matchamay | Review

Teapigs Matcha*

This month isn't just May... It's Matcha May. The lovely people at Teapigs gave me the chance to try out their green tea (or 'matcha') during their monthly campaign, and I jumped at the opportunity because I've heard so many fab things about Teapigs!

It may not be the most good looking drink of the year... Yes, it just looks like green water. YUM. Sarcasm aside, Matcha green tea adds a little spring to your step, is high in antioxidants AND it aids fat burning. For just those reasons alone, it's the ultimate cup of tea!

Saying that, I'm very fussy and I've only ever reached out to a good ol' traditional cup of tea. The thought of green tea never thrilled me, but I gave it a go. Needless to say, I couldn't finish it. It's an interesting taste... Some people may say it tastes like steamed vegetables. I'm not going to slate it too much though, as I just have very strong tastebuds and therefore am very picky with flavours.

I have no doubt that, if you can stand the taste of it, then it is a very healthy drink for you to have. Maybe it'll take a few goes before I start getting used to it and will be more willing to drink it. I'll definitely give it a try again soon!

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19 May 2013

I hate these blurred lines | Outfit

Dress: Primark | Shoes: Vans from Zalando*

Primark is really impressing me with its collection of dresses lately. I picked this one up a few weeks ago and it's so useful to have. A simple monochrome flower pattern with sleeves. Perfect for daytime and I can get away with wearing it for work meetings too. I had to add a bit of colour though, so my new Vans came out to play again!

After an incredibly busy week, I was really looking forward to this weekend, and it hasn't disappointed me in the slightest. I acted like a big kid at Go Kids Go, which is like a huge wacky warehouse. So much fun, but I was absolutely exhausted after an hour of running around and throwing balls at people  in the ball pit. Today, I had a day out in Stourport with Alex, where we had a picnic in the park, played crazy golf and spent money in the arcades! Again, big kids but so much fun.

The only thing I will say is that I missed the Eurovision final and I'm genuinely gutted about that. It was the first year in my entire life that I've missed Eurovision (it's like a tradition of mine)! But it's safe to say that I'm currently catching up on it right now! I'm such a geek...

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17 May 2013

Photoblog: May 2013 (Part 1)

1. OOTD. | 2. Sunshine. | 3. First ice lolly of 2013. | 4. Neal & Wolf goodies. | 5. Catching up. | 6. Imperial Leather. | 7. Ben's Cookies. | 8. OOTD. | 9. Headscarf. | 10. Cat in a bag. | 11. Relax, don't do it. | 12. Birthday cake.

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13 May 2013

MAC Please Me Lipstick | Review

MAC Please Me Lipstick - £14

Another favourite in my MAC collection, Please Me is a rosy pink shade that's actually matte. I didn't quite realise this when I bought it but it's still flattering and is very pigmented. It's fab for everyday wear, but it does dry my lips out. I have to make sure my lips are really moisturised before applying, but I could also apply clear lipgloss if I wanted a glossy finish.

Even though it does dry your lips, the colour lasts a good few hours (around 4-5 hours) before reapplication (although occasionally it makes my lips look chapped as it settles on the lines, so I do reapply it), and is smooth to apply.

I don't use this lipstick as much as I would like to, as it depends on how dry my lips are that day. Saying that, I hope this lipstick lasts a long time, as I don't plan to repurchase it (unless my lips become constantly hydrated, which is doubtful)! I do love the matte shade though, so I do recommend if you don't suffer from dry lips like me.

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10 May 2013

If you let me, I won't let go | Outfit

Shirt: Primark | Skirt: Topshop | Chelsea Boots: eBay

I really love how this outfit goes together. The skirt brings a much needed pop of colour, contrasted with a black polkadot long sleeve shirt. The main part of this outfit is my new Chelsea platform boots from eBay. I'm totally late joining the bandwagon for these (as I always am for trends!) but I've fallen head over heels (hopefully not literally) for them. They fit like a dream and are very comfortable to wear if you're on your feet all day. They do make me look like a giant though...

I'm trying to settle down into a routine again, and actually plan out my evenings. Time just flies by lately! I still need to catch up on sleep from my London weekend... I had such an amazing time there and I can't wait to go back next month! If you haven't seen what I got up to, you can check out my little photoblog here :)

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08 May 2013

London and Beyonce | Photoblog

1. Tube happiness. | 2. Y? | 3. Very expensive/adorable Harrods puppies. | 4. Selfies. | 5. Meat Liquor. | 6. Meat Liquor cocktails (with a candy cane)! | 7. A bit merry on the tube. | 8. Bill's breakfast featuring giant teapot. | 9. Scooter seats. | 10. Waffles at Camden. | 11. Giant Converse at Camden. | 12. Mickey love. | 13. Drank some Gosling. | 14. o2 happiness. | 15. Beyonce.

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