31 May 2013

Neal & Wolf Volumising Lotion | Review

Neal & Wolf ELEVATE Volumising Lotion*

I've always held a soft spot for Neal & Wolf, ever since I tried the Intensive Care Treatment (which is amaaazing by the way). I couldn't wait to give this volumising lotion a try. I love my hair to have volume (and I'm blessed that I don't need a lot of help to create the look I want) so I was intrigued to see how well this product would work.

You only apply a small amount to damp hair before blowdrying it. I tend to blowdry my hair upside down, which automatically creates volume. When I did this with the product, my hair was HUGE. I also tried it without blowdrying upside down and my hair was a bit more volumised than usual. It didn't feel heavy on my hair or make my locks look greasy at all.

I also tend to leave my hair 2-3 days before I wash it, and without any product, it goes flatter each day. However, even though my hair did go a little flat, there was still more volume than there usually is after that time! There's a lot of product in this too, so this will last me absolutely ages, making it quite worth the money (£11.95).

It's a great product, but not overly necessary for my hair type. Saying that, if I could tell a difference with mine then I'm sure it would make more of a significant difference to someone with straighter hair to me! I will keep using this, especially on days when I want to make sure my hair stays styled and volumised for as long as possible.


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