29 June 2013

Crawlin' back to you | Outfit

All Primark
I think these are pretty good Primark finds for the summer. These slightly high waisted shorts fit perfectly (for a change!) and the embellishment isn't too much on the eye. The length is pretty good too as I hate short shorts, unless I'm on holiday! I feel comfortable enough to wear these without any tights on the hot sunny days. They have a slight vintage look to them too. The vest is really useful to have as it's loose and light to wear. This whole outfit actually cost around £15, so you can't really complain!

I'm currently writing this in a bit of an anaesthetic-filled daze. I desperately wanted to get a blog post out, so I'm struggling through. I had 3 fillings done in my teeth today, and 13 gum injections later, I can't feel my entire face. It's slowly waking up now though, and it feels so weird! I feel a bit like Phoebe from Friends, when she had an anaethetic dart stuck in on her bum cheek (one of the really old eps!), and when it wakes up she's jumping up and down going "OOH! OOH!" I hope someone remembers that episode else I just rambled on by myself... I also love how I decided to go to the dentist instead of going to Glastonbury. Urghh.

In other news, last weekend I went down to London and saw The Killers at Wembley (absolutely incredible), followed by the David Bowie Is exhibition at the V&A Museum. SO GOOD. I highly recommend going to see it, even if you're not the biggest fan, it's really interesting. Have you been to see it? :)


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Chic and Cliché said...

Ooh I have the same top! :) Love the outfit!


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