05 June 2013

Is that what demons do, hey? | Outfit

Top: Topshop | Trousers: New Look | Necklace: Topshop

A mix and match outfit of polkadot trousers (which stretch a lot, so you can only wear them once before washing/shrinking them again), a very cropped t-shirt and a body necklace to add some bling. These trousers are great, despite the problem I just mentioned. They fit really well and are perfect for both smart and casual looks. I'd happily wear these to a meeting at work, but also chill in them on a slightly warm day, as they're light to wear. I wish the crop top wasn't so short though... I can barely lift my arms up without the risk of flashing my bra!

Finally we're getting a bit of sunshine in our lives - doesn't it just make your mood so much better?! Even if you've had a rubbish day, driving past the countryside whilst the sun is shining instantly puts a smile back on my face. I'm definitely a summer girl and I can't wait to start wearing my dresses and skirts without tights/leggings. :) Saying that, the sun has gone in today... But it's not cold for once, so I'm not complaining!


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