25 June 2013

Samy Fat Hair Amplifying Hairspray | Review

Samy Fat Hair Amplifying Hairspray - £6.59

I call this my ‘industrial-strength’ hairspray, and the only product that actually works on my hair. Fat Hair is a brand that, isn’t very cheap, but it bloody works. It’s designed to maximise and amplify your hair, whether it’s by hairspray, shampoo or the other styling products available. I’ve only ever used the hairspray (and have done for the last 2-3 years) but I honestly can’t stand using any other hairspray now as it doesn’t give me the desired effect.

You only need the tiniest amount of spray and it locks your hair in place. Now I have a fringe back in place, it goes everywhere and I end up looking like I have curtains. I’ve used Elnett, Tresemme and god knows what else, and only Fat Hair Hairspray has stopped this from happening. It’s also great if you want to add volume or curl your hair, as it won’t drop out within a couple of hours. It really does give maximum hold on your hair.

There are some negatives though… The hairspray sticks to everything. If you use it next to any kind of surface, it will land on it and it feels horrible. I have to wipe down my desk pretty much every day because of it. Also, if you apply too much (which is very easy to do), your hair looks quite dry and straw-like. Quite a bad look, especially when your hair could actually resemble straw due to the colour (like mine nowadays)..!

It is quite pricey at £6.59 (at Superdrug) but it does last and it works wonders. I definitely won’t be going back to other hairspray brands if I can help it!


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