26 June 2013

Time for a bit of bloglovin'

Image credit (and to Georgie too!)
Well I'm completely late mentioning this (surprise surprise) but as Google Friend Connect will be no more in July (boooo), it's time I explained where you could still follow my little ol' blog, if you still want to!
I don't tend to go on Bloglovin' that much, but I know I should as everyone raves about it. I know that I need to follow all my favourite blogs (that I read from GFC) and have a bit of a clear out on Bloglovin' so maybe I'll be converted in no time! I hope so. I need to up my blogger game pronto, including my serious lack of commenting...
Anyway, if you want to follow me on Bloglovin', you can via this link :) If you don't fancy that platform, you can also follow my blog on Feedburner/RSS feed, or every other social network I'm on, which you can see on the sidebar! What a shameless social plug that was.

It would mean so much to me if you do, as I appreciate everyone that follows me. I know this blog is so tiny compared to a lot of blogs, and I've been going AWOL now and again, but to think you still stick by my blog is just amazing!
I hope to see you over there :)


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