18 June 2013

Topshop Lips - Infrared | Review

Topshop Lips in Infrared - £8
I took these photos AGES ago but I completely forgot to review this lipstick... and yet it's one of my favourites at the moment! I spotted the gorgeous Sounds Like Noise orange lipstick by MAC (Hayley Williams' collection) and I wanted to find a cheaper alternative that I could repurchase all year round and wouldn't break the bank. I wouldn't wear orange lipstick every day, so I felt that I was more happy to part with £8 a time!
Starting on a negative, this lipstick does annoyingly dry my lips out. However, if I make sure I keep them moisturised beforehand and apply a peachy balm on top (I use Clarins Lip Perfecter in Apricot Shimmer), it creates a lovely glossy effect and also lasts a bit longer (although the staying power is pretty good anyway). You can apply a small amount for a bit of colour, like in the photo, or more to create a much more vibrant orange shade, so it's quite versatile for the look you want.
Whether this suits all skin tones, I don't really know, but to be honest if you're confident to make a statement with your lippie, then I definitely recommend this lipstick!


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