30 July 2013

Benefit They're Real! Mascara | Review

Benefit They're Real! Mascara - £19.50

I love Benefit mascaras, especially the Bad Gal mascara. I'm blessed with long eyelashes anyway, but I tend to go for lengthening mascaras to make them even more prominent. They're Real! mascara is fab to use by people with either short or long lashes.

They're Real! really accentuates your eyelashes, making them longer and volumnised. I also find that I don't need to use an eyelash curler when I use this mascara, as the brush helps to curl my lashes (not too much though, so I guess they could do with a little bit of help with a curler). It lasts for most of the day too, as I don't feel like I need to apply any more mascara later on. Also, I don't feel the need to apply eyeliner (for a daytime look) as the colour is perfect for my eyes. It actually is black and quite striking.

One thing to point out about this mascara is that it doesn't clump your eyelashes together. I get no clumps between my lashes, as it really does separate them equally. My trusty Bad Gal mascara does have a tendency to clump together, so They're Real! is much better in that sense.

I didn't think I would be that bothered by They're Real! but I actually love it. It's my go-to mascara for any event to be honest, for both a daytime and night time look, although I will probably stop using it so much due to the price of it. For nearly £20, I doubt I'll be repurchasing this very often (but it's worth the price to me), so I need to make it last as long as possible because it's just so damn good!

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27 July 2013

Just a desperado with a sour twist | Outfit

Dress: Topshop | Shoes: Irregular Choice | Bag: Oasis

My wedding outfit of choice, I found this dress in the last Topshop sale and thought it was perfect for the occasion. I love the coral colour and the mid length (classy for a wedding, and yet still keeps you cool in the sunshine). The crossover back detail is lovely and not over the top. I also love the fact that I will happily wear this dress again in general, so it's money well spent in my eyes.

As for my accessories, I kept them to a minimum as I felt my shoes did all the talking! My trusty Irregular Choice heels came out to play for the second time (ever - the last time was at my brother's wedding) and they gave my outfit a nice quirky/individual twist, which I tend to go for. The flowers keep falling off though, so the sewing kit might have to be dug out again...

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day. It was my best friend's sister's wedding, and my best friend Jess invited me as her date (haha). I felt like a honorary part of the family, and pretty much everyone got tearful during the ceremony and speeches! The bride looked beautiful, and amazingly changed out of her heels into sparkly Converse for the rest of the day (such a brilliant idea). The bridesmaids (which included Jess) also looked amazing, and I had a brilliant time :) I do love a good wedding!

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24 July 2013

Neal & Wolf Hold & Shine Spray | Review

Neal & Wolf FIX Hold & Shine Spray*

I'm very funny with hairspray. If my fringe flies like There's Something About Mary, then the hairspray is a gonner. I'm a big fan of Neal & Wolf, so when I was sent its own version of hairspray, Hold & Shine Spray, I wondered if it would meet my criteria.

Nel & Wolf is known to be quite a luxurious brand, so I didn't expect 'ultra strength' and I was right on that. It's a very light spray, so your hair still feels natural and and is able to move. It doesn't weigh your hair down, which is great and I've actually started to like using this product on my hair because my hair doesn't go flat at the end of the day! Saying that, it's not strong enough for my fringe as it always turns into curtains if it's not got enough hold.

It gives a nice subtle shine and gloss to your hair too, making it look pretty healthy. It also smells lovely - not your standard hairspray scent at all! It's long lasting so your hair doesn't turn into a frizzy mess, but I'm not sure how long lasting it would be if I style my hair properly (e.g. curl it) as curls do tend to drop out easily for me. That's another test for me to do another day!

Overall, I've found myself using this product more and more (apart from for my fringe) and I've grown to really like it! I also love how healthy and shine my hair looks nowadays. It just comes to show just how heavy hairspray can be, but also how it can make your hair look so much more dull than it actually is. I definitely recommend using it if you want a lighter spray that might actually do some good to your hair :)

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22 July 2013

I ain't finished, I'm devoted | Outfit

Playsuit: Yayer | Bag: Topshop | Sunglasses: Primark

I bought this playsuit a year ago (maybe more than that) and I've only ever worn it once. It's that thin and light, that it got hidden away between the mass of clothes in my wardrobe. It came to very good use with this weather though. The length of the shorts are decent, and it's comfortable to wear in such warm weather. I love the floral print and the navy/dark colours. I reckon it could be dressed up with a pair of heels and some statement jewellery or a belt. I might have to take another trip on the Yayer website soon to see what new goodies they have!

The sun may have gone in this weekend, but it's still been lovely and warm. I've spent most of my weekend car hunting (I've seen way too many beautiful Minis and Beetles that I could cry) and I'm hoping I'll have a new one (well, to me) by next weekend. Driving a written off car is beyond terrifying.

ANYWAY, I also enjoyed a night with my boyfriend and his friends on a double date. Unfortunately I've felt pretty ill today (and I'm pretty sure it's not just hangover-related) so I've been literally relaxing for the first time in ages! Do you sometimes get the feeling that you just need to be alone, lie down on the sofa, watch a girly film and completely shut yourself off from the world in order to recuperate? I do, and today was definitely that day. It works every time.

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19 July 2013

Photoblog: July 2013 (Part 1)

1. Hen do. | 2. OOTD | 3. Love tea in china cups. | 4. Sad times. | 5. Fajita night. | 6. White wine spritzer at work. | 7. Apricot. | 8. Roots be gone. | 9. Massive pizza night. | 10. Intense giant jenga. | 11. OOTD. | 12. Exciting times.

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13 July 2013

Got that summertime, summertime sadness | Outfit

Dress: ASOS | Necklace and floral crown: Primark

This dress comes out to play once a year, because I keep forgetting I own it. I love the block bright orange colour, and it's great for the summertime as it's light to wear. I just hope I don't get sunburn else that might look a bit strange against this colour. I also can't decide whether I like this floral crown or not... I bought it from Primark, so it doesn't matter too much if I decide against wearing it at some point!

This week hasn't been my week at all. Long story short, I had my first ever car crash on Wednesday. It was horrible and now I'm going through all this insurance stuff which confuses me more every day. Either way, I have a terrible feeling my car is a write off so I need to go car hunting soon!

In better news, I'm finally getting my hair done today (peach tones, here I come!) and my brother, sister-in-law and adorable baby niece are visiting from Holland this weekend. I love seeing them. Emily changes SO MUCH every time I see her (as it's usually a few months between visits/Skype sessions for me). We're having a big family BBQ tomorrow, and I've booked the Monday off work to go to a farm with her. So excited (:

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09 July 2013

Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser | Review

Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser* - £19.25

I have very dry skin on my face, and I struggle to find a decent moisturiser. I've been an avid Clinique user before, but after falling head over heels with Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish, I was offered the chance to try out the Skin Repair Moisturiser. A year later (and another one bought) and I'm very happy with this product and haven't turned my back on it since.

It's quite a light consistency, and it spreads easily on your face so you don't need to apply a great deal. It also sinks into your skin quite quickly and doesn't feel too heavy. It smells divine, and yet is full of natural ingredients that Liz Earle is famous for. I always think Liz Earle has a floral scent to it - nice and fresh, not too overpowering and full of goodness!

I only use this in the morning because that's when my face feels at its dryest. I use it more often during the winter months, and odd occasions when my skin feels too tight. It's pricey at £19.25, so I try and make it last as long as possible!

You do get what you pay for though, and it's lovely to find a moisturiser that does exactly what it says on the tin(/jar). It's perfect for dry and sensitive skin, but Liz Earle does it for oily/combination and normal skin too, so there's something for everyone. :)

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07 July 2013

They say I'm caught up in a dream | Outfit

Vest: Ark Clothing | Shorts: Primark | Sandals: Office

I couldn't resist digging out my holiday clothes for this weekend. How gorgeous is the weather?! I bought these for my September getaway, and they've come in very handy. The shorts are actually a two-piece set (I have the bralet to match!) but I thought I'd team it with this lacy vest from Ark that I bought in the sale. It's actually thicker than what it looks, so it's not very cool to wear. However, I love that it's only slightly cropped and it neutralises the variety of colours in my shorts. These shorts are actually the comfiest Primark shorts I've ever bought, and aren't too short either.

These sandals are a great Office find. I absolutely adore this colour at the moment, so I fell in love with them instantly. I've worn them non-stop, they're very comfortable and haven't torn my feet to shreds (which sandals usually do as my feet are quite wide).

Yesterday I attended my first ever hen do. It was SO much fun - we did a treasure hunt around Worcester, which involved random drinks at some lovely bars. Saying that, the drinks I picked out were vile, but other than that, I loved it! Luckily I'm not suffering at all today, as I'm off to Evesham to see an old family friend to find out more about where my nan is from (as they moved over from Germany to England together). I haven't seen her since I was little, so I expect a couple of "oh haven't you grown, I remember when you were *this* big" comments! I hope I get to enjoy some sunshine later too before the working week begins again...

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03 July 2013

Imperial Leather Japanese Spa & Soft Touch | Review

Imperial Leather Japanese Spa and Soft Touch Moisturising Shower Creams*

I've always loved Imperial Leather (especially the Foamburst range) so when I found out that a new formula of shower creams has been launched, I couldn't wait to try them out.

Japanese Spa isn't one I'd usually go for, but the subtle mix of green tea and jasmine is just delightful. It's not a strong scent at all, especially when you apply it. Soft Touch is a slightly stronger scent, with jojoba milk and vitamin E. I think the first one is my favourite out of the two, but that's just personal preference to the scent! I'm not one for strong shower creams and Soft Touch is a bit too rich for me.

Both products lather up really well, even with just a small amount of cream. The cream itself is really thick and creamy, making my skin feel lovely and hydrated. I do worry about shower gels/creams sometimes with my skin, as I need enough hydration with as little fragrance as possible (I guess why I automatically prefer Japanese Spa). This has just the right combination. Gorgeous smell and soft skin!

Another great little point to make is the suction when using the shower cream - there's hardly any wasted product as the suction saves any when you stop using it. This is great as I always end up with more shower cream than I need at a time!

Imperial Leather has a few other shower creams to try out - Ocean Touch, Citrus Burst and Oriental Calm.   I'm definitely going to get my hands on the Citrus Burst next time! They are quite cheap as well (around £2 at Boots), and are just fab products that do the job perfectly.

Have you tried Imperial Leather products before?

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01 July 2013

Photoblog: June 2013

1. Peachy. | 2. Hi Dublin. | 3. Hi Jean Christophe Novelli. | 4. Work times. | 5. Hi Tom Kitchen & Pierre Koffmann. | 6. Red velvet whippy ice cream. | 7. The Breakfast Club. | 8. Happiness. | 9. Meat Liquor. | 10. Wembley. | 11. Ben's Cookies and cider. | 12. Ready for The Killers. | 13. Favourite gig EVER. | 14. David Bowie Is. | 15. David Bowie goodies. | 16. Zara jacket love. | 17. Office sale love. | 18. Buttery biscuit base.

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