13 July 2013

Got that summertime, summertime sadness | Outfit

Dress: ASOS | Necklace and floral crown: Primark

This dress comes out to play once a year, because I keep forgetting I own it. I love the block bright orange colour, and it's great for the summertime as it's light to wear. I just hope I don't get sunburn else that might look a bit strange against this colour. I also can't decide whether I like this floral crown or not... I bought it from Primark, so it doesn't matter too much if I decide against wearing it at some point!

This week hasn't been my week at all. Long story short, I had my first ever car crash on Wednesday. It was horrible and now I'm going through all this insurance stuff which confuses me more every day. Either way, I have a terrible feeling my car is a write off so I need to go car hunting soon!

In better news, I'm finally getting my hair done today (peach tones, here I come!) and my brother, sister-in-law and adorable baby niece are visiting from Holland this weekend. I love seeing them. Emily changes SO MUCH every time I see her (as it's usually a few months between visits/Skype sessions for me). We're having a big family BBQ tomorrow, and I've booked the Monday off work to go to a farm with her. So excited (:


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