24 July 2013

Neal & Wolf Hold & Shine Spray | Review

Neal & Wolf FIX Hold & Shine Spray*

I'm very funny with hairspray. If my fringe flies like There's Something About Mary, then the hairspray is a gonner. I'm a big fan of Neal & Wolf, so when I was sent its own version of hairspray, Hold & Shine Spray, I wondered if it would meet my criteria.

Nel & Wolf is known to be quite a luxurious brand, so I didn't expect 'ultra strength' and I was right on that. It's a very light spray, so your hair still feels natural and and is able to move. It doesn't weigh your hair down, which is great and I've actually started to like using this product on my hair because my hair doesn't go flat at the end of the day! Saying that, it's not strong enough for my fringe as it always turns into curtains if it's not got enough hold.

It gives a nice subtle shine and gloss to your hair too, making it look pretty healthy. It also smells lovely - not your standard hairspray scent at all! It's long lasting so your hair doesn't turn into a frizzy mess, but I'm not sure how long lasting it would be if I style my hair properly (e.g. curl it) as curls do tend to drop out easily for me. That's another test for me to do another day!

Overall, I've found myself using this product more and more (apart from for my fringe) and I've grown to really like it! I also love how healthy and shine my hair looks nowadays. It just comes to show just how heavy hairspray can be, but also how it can make your hair look so much more dull than it actually is. I definitely recommend using it if you want a lighter spray that might actually do some good to your hair :)


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