05 August 2013

Benefit Hervana | Review

Benefit Hervana - £23.50

Benefit Hervana could well be the perfect everyday blush. I haven't stopped using it during the last couple of months, I absolutely love it compared to most of the blushes I own.

It's not very pigmented, which is why I think it's great for an everyday look. It creates a subtle peach/rose tone to your cheeks, especially when you swirl all the colours together. I don't tend to try and use one colour in the palette as there's just no need. It suits my skin tone and it's not too harsh on my cheeks. You can apply more product if you wish so the colour is slightly stronger, but it's still not going to be a striking shade.

The packaging is cute but quite bulky - the standard Benefit blusher packaging! It's a shame that the box is so big as it's not very handbag friendly. With it being my everyday blush, I'm not able to take it with me everywhere I go! Quite annoying, but I can overlook that.

It's not cheap, but it's a pretty standard price for Benefit. Like I said, I've used it everyday and yet there's no real signs of use so far, so I'm hoping it will last a while longer! When the time comes, I will definitely buy this product again as I haven't used a blush like this before and I can't see myself using any other blush (so significantly as this one) for a very long time!


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