12 September 2013

No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream | Review

I couldn't quite get to grips with BB creams when they were the most talked about product in the beauty world. I love coverage, and BB creams never seemed to do the job enough. I love the fact that they contain SPF and are an apparent tinted moisturiser, but it's the coverage that bothered me. I've tried a few brands that completely dried my skin out or were way too dark for me, so I thought I'd give BB creams one more go and reached out to No7's Beautiful Skin BB Cream.

I chose the Normal/Dry formula- I've had bad experiences with other BB creams (literally drying my skin out) but I stayed as optimistic as I could. This didn't appear to dry my skin out, but I had to make sure my skin was moisturised enough beforehand to avoid any mishaps.

It also has two shade options - Fair and Medium. I went for Medium, because Fair seemed too light... Just my luck, Medium seems a bit dark yet again, but it is a lot closer than usual! Plus it will be a good match during/after my holiday when I have a nice tan.

In general, it feels a bit greasy to apply, and I have to apply enough powder to matte it. It does have a nice dewy look to it, but my under eye circles and blemishes can still be seen. I apply it with my fingers, but it could be easier with a brush as the BB cream tends to set quickly... If you don't blend quickly, you end up with a streaky mess on your face.

Do I recommend this product? Yes. Should it replace your foundation? No. I'll definitely pack this in my holiday bag, and may use it whilst I have a good tan in place, but other than that, I'll be sticking with my trusty foundations.


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