23 October 2013

Essence Makeup | Review


Have you ever heard of a brand called Essence? No, me neither, but it's currently the largest value cosmetics brand worldwide (including Germany and Ireland) and it's now arrived in England! I think this brand is the next Collection/Miss Sporty/Natural Collection. Great value when on a tight budget, and accessible for teens who are just starting to build up their make-up collection.

Retailing from 99p to £3.99, you can't really complain on the price, but does the quality match up to it? On first impressions, the packaging is fun (especially the mascaras) yet to the point. To be fair, it's not that far off what you'd find on the high street, so maybe the price tag will help challenge the more reputable brands like Rimmel for example. Saying that, I don't rate Rimmel, so if Essence turns out to be better quality (and cheaper) then it'll win my vote hands down!

I really like the look of the eyeshadows and mascaras, and I can't wait to test these out. Don't be put off by the cheap looking packaging (although it's not actually that bad)... After all, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I also thought the clear bag was a cute idea - perfect to hold your travel essentials and is a decent size!

The only downside to the brand at the moment is that it is only available in selected Wilkinson stores so far, including Mansfield, Southend-on-Sea and Castleford. There's nowhere close to me in Birmingham, which is a shame but hopefully it will branch out soon! I could even see this entering the likes of Superdrug or even Primark one day.

I'll be reviewing these in groups so keep a look out for those soon :) In the meantime, what are your first impressions of Essence?


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