29 November 2013

ELF Mineral Lipstick in Rustic Brick | Review

ELF Mineral Lipstick in Rustic Brick - £5

ELF is always great when you need to stock up on your make-up bag essentials without breaking the budget. I tend to love their lipsticks, so decided to go on the website and pick out what I thought was a natural red/brown shade.

When I first looked at it, I did freak out a bit. It looks so brown, and I'm not one for brown lipstick! However, when applied it turns into a more neutral reddy brown shade, that doesn't look too heavy. It's a really soft colour, which is fab when you don't want a bright lip (which is quite often for me). It's easy to apply, but does need re-applying through the day. It also feels comfortable and moisturising to wear, which is a bonus at the moment as my lips are in terrible condition right now!

I do love ELF lipsticks, and this has become my go-to lipstick when I need a little splash of colour on my lips. It's the first neutral lipstick that I enjoy wearing and now has a firm place in my handbag. Hopefully this will help me get used to wear lipsticks again...

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26 November 2013

I wanna be yours | Outfit

Dress: Topshop | Hat: eBay | Converse: John Lewis*

You can't beat a good pair of Converse shoes, especially when teamed with an eye-catching dress. I love a bit of contrast. Classic Chuck Taylors against a polo neck zig-zag dress (that my boyfriend doesn't really like) makes me feel much better than with jeans... Although you can't really beat that outfit either, especially during these colder months!

Personally, this is the first polo neck item of clothing that I enjoy wearing and feel comfortable in. It's a really good fit and gives a much needed pop of colour during the winter months. As for the Converse, I've wanted a white pair for ages but I don't think I'll be able to wear these very much in winter in case they get ruined. Until next year, my lovelies :(

I'm in recovery mode after a busy yet fun weekend working in London. I've been working at Taste of Christmas, and now I've come home in such a Christmassy mood. I even bought a new decoration for the Christmas tree (along with some Christmassy biscuits, obvs) in preparation! Oh and the night before I went to see Arctic Monkeys in Birmingham, who were ah-maaazing. Alex Turner, you beauty of a man. No rest for the wicked!

Anyone else getting ready for Christmas? (:

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21 November 2013

Kevin Murphy Powder Puff Volumising Powder | Review

I crave volumised hair, and I can't stand it when my hair looks flat. Kevin Murphy's Powder Puff is there to help you through those deflated days.

It's a very fine powder, which reminded me of talcum powder. This settled me into thinking it wouldn't leave my hair a greasy mess, as talc is always my go-to when I run out of dry shampoo!

All you need to do is sprinkle a little bit of product into the roots of your damp or dry hair to create the texture you want. The powder disappears easily and doesn't leave any residue once you've worked it in. Your hair does become thicker and more workable in my opinion, which is fab. It didn't last all day though, but I tend to find most products don't last 24 hours anyway so that's no biggy for me.

I think it would work great on fine hair (as mine is actually quite thick in comparison) if you're looking for some instant volume! However, be careful with how much you end up shaking onto your hair, just in case it becomes a bit too heavy and ends feeling a bit sticky (but it doesn't actually look it).

Would I buy it after it's ran out? Probably not, but only because my hair does have some volume compared to those with finer hair. It's pretty expensive too, but a little goes a long way so it should last you a long time if you decide to dive into the pennies!

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17 November 2013

Photoblog: November 2013 (Part 1)

1. Spider cupcakes. | 2. Halloween. | 3. Hot chocolate and red velvet. | 4. Le Crueset. | 5. Disney Cakes and Sweets. | 6. Risotto. | 7. Brownie. | 8. FruitBroo. | 9. Gino D'Acampo. | 10. 6 hour journey treat. | 11. Mint chocolate chip ice cream chewing gum. | 12. Comfort food. | 13. Bake Off. | 14. Remembrance Day. | 15. Cat in a box. | 16. Converse day. | 17. Cat snuggles. | 18. Christmassy hot chocolate.

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13 November 2013

Watching in the mirror with longing in my eyes | Outfit

Shirt & Leggings: Topshop | Shoes: River Island

I couldn't resist buying these velvet leggings from Topshop when I spotted them. I don't think I even hesitated buying them! I love the texture on them (and these photos doesn't do it justice) and they're so comfortable to wear. I could wear them without a long top, as they are technically classed as 'treggings' with a high waist, but I'm not too sure I could. They are thick enough to get away with it though and are very flattering.

As for my River Island sandals, I've had these for a while and they went through a phase of being permanently on my feet! They were a bit pricey as they're real leather with a nice chunky platform. They'll look great both with bare feet, socks or tights though, so pretty versatile for the weather (apart from right now...).

It's been a fair while since I've managed to write a bit of a life update, but in all honesty, I've been that busy that I don't even know where to begin or what to say! You know when you just need a day to rest and literally not do ANYTHING? Yeah, that. Bring on Friday.

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11 November 2013

Imperial Leather Foamburst in Sweet Vanilla & Cherry Blossom | Review

Imperial Leather Foamburst in Sweet Vanilla & Cherry Blossom - £2*

Imperial Leather's Foamburst has always been a firm favourite of mine, so I was very excited to hear about the new range!

Sweet Vanilla and Cherry Blossom smells exactly like what it says on the packaging. A gorgeous sweet smell, which isn't too overpowering. It actually smells like candy/sweets - good enough to eat (although, obviously, don't)!

Foamburst is possibly the only shower gel I've used that lathers with even the tiniest bit of product. Using exfoliating gloves or a body puff, you only need a small amount to cover your whole body. I'm really happy about this - it's well worth the pennies as it will last you for a while before you need to consider your next purchase.

The only downside is that the shower gel actually continues to foam out of the packaging after use, leaving it a bit sticky! It's not a problem as such, but it could leave a mess in your bathroom cupboard or wherever you store your products.

Overall I love Imperial Leather's Foamburst and I will definitely repurchase this when it runs out.  The scent is lovely and fresh, and the lather makes my skin feel so soft and nourished afterwards. I'm really intrigued to find out what Moisturising Honey & Almond Milk and Uplifting Lime & Grapefruit smell like too.

Saying that though, now I've found out that Imperial Leather has launched some Foamburst Genies, I'm struggling to decide which scent to choose next! My current genie is Sebastian (who is rather nice)!

Have you tried Imperial Leather's Foamburst range? Who would be your Genie?

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08 November 2013

The Salon Look | Review

When The Salon Look contacted me to collaborate with them, I was very excited and agreed almost instantly. I've heard of The Salon Look, and with their recent rebrand and new look, the e-commerce site has promise to be a contender in the beauty stakes.

The Salon Looks sells a variety of high street products, alongside some brand names that I have never even heard of before (this might be because I'm a bit useless with names). Products are slightly limited, but like I said, this is a new beauty website so it's just going to grow and get bigger! I love the addition of 'gifts' and an 'outlet' - great to keep an eye on for any beauty bargains.

It's also got a great little interactive sidebar, featuring the latest offers, social updates and blog posts. I do love it when websites host their own blogs (as long as it doesn't end up as a serious product advertisement!), but with the help of its Twitter account, its full of beauty hints and tips to help make your beauty life easier and expense-free.

The Salon Look is pretty hot on competitions and offers at the moment too. If you create a new account with The Salon Look, you will be entered straight into a free prize draw to win a 5-night stay in Marrakech! Not only that, but there's currently an offer where, if you spend £30, you get £5 off when you mention the code MOROCCANOIL, which is pretty decent, and definitely helps during the Christmas period (especially with the added free delivery! Sa-weeeeet).

Have you checked out The Salon Look? What's your favourite beauty website?

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06 November 2013

This Is Halloween | Outfit

I didn't really make much effort this Halloween compared to last year. I pretty much reused the same accessories and the same make-up, but changed the outfit a little bit! Basically, I added an extra cut, slicked my hair back and wore a tutu. I'm not sure I can really be classed as a zombie ballerina, but hey. Alex did pretty good though. He's a butcher by day, and a killer butcher by night. Not literally, may I add, but for one night only, he pulled off the look for Halloween! It's a wonder what a bit of fake blood and a plastic meat cleaver can do.

What was your Halloween look?

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04 November 2013

Photoblog: October 2013 (Part 2)

1. Smallest fingers ever. | 2. Cake in a mug. | 3. MAC and truffles. | 4. Obsessed with Disney Classics. | 5. Need this. | 6. Ed's Diner goodness. | 7. Pizza night. | 8. Tea and cake. | 9. Office dog. | 10. Subscription time. | 11. Pretty house. | 12. Beauty goodies. | 13. Detroit's American diner. | 14. How long? | 15. Bowling. | 16. Then it went downhill. | 17. Favourites. | 18. Mint hot chocolate.

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