04 December 2013

The shake, rattle and roll | Outfit

Top: Arctic Monkeys merch | Shorts: Topshop | Cardigan: Topshop

I currently love the t-shirt, pretty much because it brings back good memories of the recent Arctic Monkeys gig I went to! I do love buying band t-shirts (despite the price of them!) but I like this one in particular because it's not too obvious. I'd be happy wearing this more often than my others, simply because it doesn't have Arctic Monkeys or the tour dates sprawled all over it! The tee will definitely come in handy when I'm having one of my relaxed days.

You may have noticed a bit of a change... I've gone back to my normal hair colour! Okay, I say normal, this is far from normal, but I'm back to how I used to be earlier this year! I actually feel like myself again, and it's probably a change that I really needed to do a lot sooner. Oh well.

You may not hear from me much over the next few days, as a certain someone is turning the big 2-5 tomorrow. ahem... me. In all honesty, I'm more excited about going to sleep and not having to wake up for work tomorrow... :)

Promise I'll stop with the AM songs too... It just seemed right to post it today!


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