27 December 2013

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OnePiece Onesie*

Christmas is not only a time for family, friends, presents and good food, but it's also a time for putting your onesie on, getting comfy and watching films all week long! I'm not a big onesie wearer in all honesty, but OnePiece won me over last year and it's won me over again this year.

I adore the cream and navy fairisle look to this onesie - very festive but suitable all year round! It's so comfortable and warm to wear, and quite baggy so you can layer if needed (but I never do as it keeps me nice and toasty)! The quality is incredible, and considering OnePiece onesies go for over £100 each, I'm impressed that it hasn't faltered on quality yet.

As much as I love this onesie, I already one one, so I've actually gifted this to my mum so she can enjoy it just as much! I know she's wanted a OnePiece for ages (pretty much when she bought me one last Christmas) so she was pretty chuffed to receive this beauty! It was difficult for me to give away though... I bloody love it.

If you want to get your hands on a OnePiece onesie, don't forget to use the following code to get 20% off on the OnePiece website: 'BL1311DANIJOHANNA' :)


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