22 December 2014

Let's Go Lashes in Tease 1 | Review

Let's Go Lashes in Tease 1* - £6.50

At university, I used to apply false lashes when I could be bothered. Nowadays, I never wear them as I can never be bothered. I used to find them really fiddly, the glue went everywhere and then one side would hang off your eyelid after a few hours... So much effort! Saying that, I used to love how my eye make-up looked when I wore some, as I felt very glam and ready for the night ahead!

When I received these glamourous strip lashes by Nouveau Lashes in the post, I thought I would give them a go to see if I could change my mind regarding the putting the effort in!

Excuse the eyebrows! Pre-Brow Bar visit much.

Let's Go Lashes says that the 'Tease' range is seductive, intensive and ruthless. Oo er. Well these lashes definitely do kick a punch! You can't miss how big these lashes are, seriously. The length on these are so good and really help to create a glam nighttime look. I think they look quite natural compared to a lot of false eyelash ranges out there. They purely give you great length and volume, which I love.

I thought the process of applying them was easier than I remember. After applying the glue onto the lashes and letting it go tacky, I applied it using my fingers (and then a pair of tweezers as I remembered it's easier this way!) and they seemed to stay on the upper lash line really well.

I always apply eyeliner on top, as I haven't mastered the technique to make sure the glue doesn't show up... But to be honest you could go without if you want a slightly more natural look.

Although I could feel the lashes near my eyebrows, because they are so damn long, they didn't exactly annoy me and they stayed on well. I didn't have the dreaded 'hanging lash' or need to reapply any glue, which was great!

After I removed them, they were still in good condition so I reckon I could reuse these again too.

I do really like the Let's Go range of eyelashes (and they've got so many other versions to choose from - some more dramatic than others so there's something for everyone), but I wouldn't say I'm a false lash convert just yet. I think I just need more practice... And I don't think Alex would like it if I wore these! It's not exactly 'me'. However, I'll definitely remember these if I have an uber glamourous night planned or perhaps a fancy dress night, as they did the job perfectly.

What do you think of falsies?

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free to review. All views and opinions are my own.

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20 December 2014

Photoblog: December 2014 (Part 1)

1. It's officially December. | 2. Best Christmas treats. | 3. All wrapped up. | 4. New hair. | 5. Cocoa Wonderland. | 6. Couple's FOTD. | 7. New motto in life. | 8. Birthday cheesecake. | 9. Spoilt. | 10. Birthday cake. | 11. O Christmas tree. | 12. OOTN. | 13. Xander's favourite hiding place. | 14. Surviving the commute. | 15. 26 going on 16. | 16. Finally got a cake stand. | 17. Surprise Christmas gift. | 18. Obligatory present.

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18 December 2014

Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter Mouthwash | Review

Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter Mouthwash in Smooth Mint* - £3.29

It's not a secret when I say my teeth aren't the best. The fact that I still have two baby teeth right at the front doesn't help things (there's no adult teeth there, so I'm praying these will stick around else that'll be awkward! 26 years, so far, so good). Recently, I've had a few fillings and my wisdom teeth are officially coming through. One of which is coming frontwards, not upwards, meaning it's now pushing against my teeth as there's no room for it to grow normally. GREAT STUFF.

Because of this, I've had to change my teeth cleaning regime significantly, in order to try and look after my teeth more than I used to. Brush them twice a day, including an interdental brush to ensure I get through the tiny little gap that my wisdom tooth has caused, plus I use mouthwash regularly.

I've tried a couple of different mouthwashes before Dentyl Active, and they always feel quite harsh. Dentyl Active, in comparison, doesn't include any alcohol, meaning that your mouth and tongue don't sting afterwards! It also doesn't leave your mouth feeling dry afterwards, which is another aspect to it being alcohol free!

You have to shake the mouthwash every time you want to use it, as it begins in two parts (essential oils and an antibacterial agent). The smooth mint flavour isn't overpowering, but I do wonder if it does actually work as well as the other mouthwashes I've used before, as you can't really feel it working or do anything.

Saying that, when you've finished using the mouthwash, you can actually see the food debris in the sink so I guess that covers my previous point! It's pretty grim but it is good to see that the mouthwash is doing something.

Overall, I really like using Dentyl Active and will continue to use it as part of my daily routine!

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free to review. All views and opinions are my own.

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16 December 2014

essence lash princess volume mascara | Review

essence lash princess volume mascara* - £3.30

Adding to the long list of mascaras, essence has now brought out its lash princess volume mascara... And I absolutely love it. It's possibly my favourite mascara out of the whole range, and it's current go-to daytime mascara.

I've got naturally long lashes, so sometimes I don't feel the need to lengthen them even more. I do love my lashes to look more volumised though, and I think this does the job nicely.

Thanks to its 'cobra' wand, it's very easy to apply and curl your lashes, it doesn't clump together and it dries pretty quickly. Great when I'm in a rush in the morning!

I also really like the packaging - compared to other mascaras by essence, this one feels more high-end, with a nice little grip on the handle.

All for just £3.30 from Wilko, you really can't beat this. It's definitely my favourite mascara in that price range!

What's your favourite essence mascara?

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free to review. All views and opinions are my own.
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14 December 2014

Cherry lips, crystal skies | Outfit

Primark playsuit

Granted, my hair has changed since taking these photos, but I wore this playsuit during my birthday week so it still counts... Right?

This playsuit is 'me' all over - the colours are perfect for autumn/winter, and the long sleeves make a really nice change! The shorts are a pretty decent length, which is good for me. Love a good collar too.

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10 December 2014


A year is never complete without an annual trip to what I always consider to be my second home - Sheffield. Sheffers. Sheffland. Whatever you want to call it, Sheffield has a very special place in my heart and I was very excited to go back! I drove up there, which I swore down I would never do in my life, but I did it... And I bloody hated it. Regardless of that, my first ever visit to Cocoa Wonderland was an absolute delight. The hot chocolates are SO rich and delicious, the brownies are yummy and I couldn't resist buying some truffles to bring home with me!

We stayed in the Hampton by Hilton Sheffield Hotel, which was just fab. It's really nice inside and the staff were very friendly which makes a nice change! They knew it was my birthday and I ended up chatting to one of the staff members about Sheffield in general, reminiscing about my favourite haunts!

One of my favourite restaurants in Sheffield is Antibo, an Italian restaurant. We tried to book it with my Tastecard but for some reason they decided to create their own rule and not accept it. That's a complaint for another day. I still really like this restaurant and the food was gorgeous. The cocktails went straight to my head though.

Before we left to go home, a trip wouldn't have been complete with going to Meadowhall. Annoyingly, we have recently been to Trafford Centre so Alex was comparing them and wasn't massively impressed... I just loved walking round, remembering my old work place and enjoying an Ed's Diner milkshake!

Another birthday tradition is going to Bicester Village with my mum, and this year I dragged Alex along to (well, he did say he'd buy me something)! Carluccios for breakfast, some shopping, and birthday cheesecake at Villandrys. Now, there's nothing exciting in that Le Creuset bag, unfortunately (I really wanted to buy a cast iron casserole dish but, instead, I bought a heat resistant pot holder. I KNOW RIGHT) but the Vivienne Westwood bag? Just you wait...

I do feel incredibly lucky to receive some lovely gifts from my family, boyfriend and friends. From the ghd Curve wave wand, tickets to watch One Man Breaking Bad (actually really excited about that), a lovely Pandora ring, beauty goodies from Laura Ashley and Elizabeth Arden, an Accessorize scarf, DKNY earrings and everything else in between, I just love everything and couldn't be more grateful.

As for the beautiful Vivienne Westwood bag at the top? All hail it and my mum who found it.

After Bicester Village, Alex cooked for me (which he is more than capable of doing, but he officially banned me from the kitchen that night. First time ever) and surprised me birthday cake!

We then went out to meet some of my amazing friends for a couple of cocktails. I never thought I would enjoy drinking a Pornstar Martini so much.

I'll be posting this outfit separately on another day, but a sneaky peak of what I wore during my birthday meal with all the family! Topshop strikes again. Can you tell I'm obsessed with the bag yet?

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