22 January 2014

I was scared of dentists and the dark | Outfit

Zara shirt. Primark trousers.

I've owned these Primark tartan trousers for a while, but I always struggle to decide what top to wear with them. I try to team it with a plain coloured top, so the outfit isn't too quirky (as I seem to have lost my confidence in uber quirky clothing!) but I've still added that much needed colour. I dug out my old but trusty Zara pink shirt as it was definitely a 'look smart at work' day (I couldn't resist wearing some tartan too) and I really like how smart and simple this outfit is.

The trousers surprisingly fit really well, are a decent length and the material is pretty comfortable too. I really hope Primark launch some more trousers in this style, as it's not every day you find a pair of Primark trousers that are so easy to wear!

Ever get the feeling you're taking so much on and it's running you down a bit? Yeah that. I was suddenly ill at the weekend, which has had a knock-on effect on how I'm feeling this week. I know I don't do myself any favours though, so it kind of serves me right! Even my knees are playing up... I know they're considering swelling up like they did last year. I'm counting down for the weekend when I will ban myself from working/blogging and get back to my good ol' self. Do you have any tips on how to get yourself back in order?

In other news, the weekend wasn't all bad. I bought the most amazing bargain from a charity shop... A very old/antique gramophone! You can see it on my Instagram here (go on, give us a follow yeah? please...) and I love it so much. Granted, I don't have a house to put it in yet, so it's filled up part of my parent's dining room, but still! It's mine and Alex's little project to get it working again (as unfortunately people were stealing parts in the charity shop, so now it doesn't work! How awful is that?!) but it's going to look pretty sweet :)

Also, it's mine and Alex's one year anniversary today...  I won't bore you with mushy stuff, but where the bleedin'ell has that time gone?!


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