12 January 2014

It's a shot in the dark but I'll make it | Outfit

Coat, dress and necklace: Topshop

I received this gorgeous coat for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I originally wanted the much loved pink coat, but with my hair colour I didn't think it would suit me. Green has always been one of the better colours for me to wear, and this dark green is perfect. It makes the coat look more classic than the pastels shades available (which are still to die for). I'm so glad my mum found this for me, as I've craved the pink coat for so long but I love this even more!

It's not the warmest of coats, and it's very fitted so I can't layer up very well either! Once the extremely cold weather disappears, I'll be able to wear it more often and I can't wait.

Just a quick update from me, hopefully you'll be seeing some much better photos on this blog very soon. I've replaced my much loved and used Nikon D60 for a Canon 600D (yep, I've crossed over to the dark side) :) I absolutely love my camera, especially as it was a Christmas present from Alex and part promotion treat from myself! I need to get used to using it though, and I'm considering a photography course to help me get better. My parents are actually taking us out for lunch at one of my favourite local(ish) pubs today to celebrate said promotion. Cheeky wine on a Sunday afternoon, why not..!

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend :)


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Everything For 10 Pounds said...

Great colors, nice selection.. Love this.. Thanks for sharing..



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