25 January 2014

The Lipstick Tag

I've noticed the Lipstick Tag doing the rounds lately, so I thought I would try it out myself! I don't wear lipstick as much as I would like to... Mainly due to laziness and forgetfulness. However, after typing out my answers, I think I should really start using up my collection before buying anymore!

I invite you all to do this Tag too :) it's a bit of fun anyway, and you might be pleasantly surprised by your lip collection too!

1. How many lipsticks do you own?
I own 29 in total, but that's including lipglosses and lipbalms!

2. What was your first lipstick?
Probably a Natural Collection or 17 pale pink lipstick. I obviously don't own it anymore, but that used to be my colour of choice when I knew no better.

3.What is your favourite brand for lipstick?
I love ELF's range of lipsticks as they never dry my lips and the pigmentation is gorgeous. I also love using MAC, but as long as my lips are moisturised well beforehand.

4.What is your most worn lipstick?
Either MAC's Lovelorn or ELF's Beautiful Berry. Two pink based lipsticks (in light and dark shades) but really nice to wear in the daytime.

5.What is your favourite finish?
I much prefer a creamy/glossy finish, as matte finishes always dries my lips! I find a more creamy formula stays on for longer in the day and doesn't end up like a weird lipliner...

6. What was the last lip product you bought?
My mum bought me two L'Oreal's Glam Shine Balmy Glosses, but the last lip product I actually bought was Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Lip Protectant! My favourite lip product of all time, and a great base before applying lipstick!

7. How many lip products do you currently have in your handbag? (Including balms and glosses)
I have 3 at the moment... 1 Maybelline Baby Lips, 1 Cymex relief cream and my Elizabeth Arden product :) I don't tend to wear lipstick etc whilst at work, so I try to keep the amount to a minimum.

8. How do you store your lipsticks?
I've currently got a small acrylic holder, that stores 7 lipsticks at the moment, and then the rest are squished in one of my acrylic makeup drawers.

9.What lipstick do you use to rock a red lip?
At the moment I'm using Clinique's Chubby Stick Intense in Mightiest Maraschino - a fab lip product that keeps my lips moisturised whilst adding a lovely pop of red! I recently wrote a review on it here :)

10.What lip products are you currently lusting after?
I'm not lusting after a specific product, but the brand I'm most lusting after is YSL. I've been wanting a lipstick by YSL for ages, but I can never justify spending so much money on one! I also want a Paul & Joe lipstick, purely because it's shaped like a cat! Maybe one day... *hint hint*


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