05 February 2014

I'm an #AccessAllASOS Insider!

I received a VERY exciting email last week - I've been accepted into Access All ASOS and am now an ASOS Insider. YAY!

If you're not familiar with Access All ASOS, it launched last year where selected bloggers (and people who just have a keen interest in fashion too) receive info on new collections, invitations to events, chances to visit ASOS HQ and much more. We even have access to ASOS' private Twitter account so we can keep updated every day :)

I received this lovely little package from the ASOS team during the weekend, and it appears that they already know me well... Twitter stalkers ;)

The note from Penny was brilliant and put a massive smile on my face. The gifts are so simple yet perfect. A pair of socks 'to wear in bed whilst reading the Hunger Games' - great timing as I was doing just that before the package arrived!

I also received a cute dainty tiger bracelet, and an intriguing fortune cookie (which I kind of don't believe in, but we shall see eh).

I can't wait to work with ASOS, and meet fellow bloggers that have also been accepted (new or previous) and hopefully attend some events in the future! Don't forget to apply for your chance to join too, as they're always on the look out :)



Fsession said...

Awesome blog with great topic.

Leanne Cornelius said...

I love how personalised their gifts are, I didn't get a reply so assume I haven't been accepted.
It does say you apply again so I will give it another go, any tips lol x

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