20 February 2014

My Beauty Compare | Review

My Beauty Compare

I'm always after the best deal when it comes to buying expensive products, so I got a little bit excited when I found out about price comparison website My Beauty Compare.

Specifically for beauty products, all you need to do is fill in a quick questionnaire about yourself and your needs when signing up, and then it automatically pulls out a selection of recommended products that should suit your skin and hair types.

You can also look for a specific product and find out where you can buy it for a good price, as My Beauty Compare will list all retailers that the product is available in. Pretty decent, yes?

There's also a forum available so you can talk to others for advice and tips on beauty, along with product reviews, blogs and video tutorials to help you to create certain looks. There's so much more to this website than purely price comparisons, making it more credible and interesting for us beauty fanatics :)

When I filled out the questionnaire (which only took a minute or two), I was quick to look at each category to see what products were recommended for me.

I already use the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser, so I was pretty impressed that was listed! There's a few other products that I'm aware of but haven't tried, and even some new additions that I've never even heard of. Whether they will actually suit my skin type, I'm not 100% sure, but I'll definitely look further into each product to find out more!

I can see myself reaching out for My Beauty Compare again, as I can only imagine it'll get bigger and better as word spreads. I've already tested it and searched for my beloved Bare Minerals foundation and a cheaper option came up (which I was already aware of after spending so much time searching, but still!) so it definitely works and could save you time next time you need a beauty haul :)

Have you looked at My Beauty Compare?


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