16 February 2014

Sing with pride | Outfit

Topshop top and skirt | River Island boots (also found here)

Jumping on the blogger bandwagon, but I really couldn't resist this gorgeous gingham skirt! It's just too cute and it needed to be in my wardrobe. It's been ages since I've actually fallen in love with items of clothing, to the point that I didn't blink my eyelid when I found out I just spent £36 on a skirt... £9 less than what the boots cost me! Bloomin' eck. Alex was pretty disgusted at the fact I bought it too, BUT IT'S TOO DAMN LOVELY.

These boots are so comfortable to wear, and a really good RI buy at £45. I love the subtle stud detailing, the small chunky heel and the cut out sides. The buckle is dangerously close to my heel though, but thankfully, after loosening it slightly, it no longer rubs them.

I'm currently trying to make the most of the weekend by relaxing... And that's about it. After a quick 24 hour visit to Germany for a work meeting, it's really knocked me back and I've felt ill ever since. I'm such a rubbish traveller :( but hey, it's made me want to go to Germany again and also learn the language even more than before... Y'know, go back to my roots and all that.

It's a shame I felt so rough the next day, as that day happened to be Valentine's Day so Alex and I couldn't really do much other than rest and eat takeaway (which was actually quite the perfect evening). After exchanging cards, Alex surprised me with a little scrapbook full of photos, gig tickets etc... Basically, a book full of memories so far. I'm not sure whether it's because I was so surprised and touched by it, or because I was so ill, but I got a bit emosh!

Also, I'm in such an Olympic mood recently, are you? I wish I could ski/snowboard/ice skate...



Lubka Christova said...

Lovely casual look. The skirt is so pretty!

Do you want to follow each other on Bloglovin, dear?

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Cherry said...

I can't tell you how much I want this skirt!

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