31 March 2014

essence Gel Nails At Home | Review

essence Gel Nail At Home Starter Kit and LED Lamp*

I would love to get my nails done properly, but in all honesty, I would rather spend my money on some pretty housey items than on my bitten or fake nails at the moment. I love the look of gel nails, and when I discovered that you could create gel nails in the comfort of your own home, I was really intrigued to find out if it actually worked.

Truth be told, I tried the above kit out on my mum, as her nails are in much better condition than my little stubs! In the starter kit, you get some cleanser, primer, french gel top coat and peel off gel base - basically everything you need to apply it. You also need the little nifty LED lamp.

Apparently you can also get a mini LED lamp that you can plug into your laptop (I got a bit too excited about that!) but I've got the standard sized lamp, which is still small compared to lamps that fully trained beauticians use. It only takes 10 seconds to cure each nail under the LED lamp, which is pretty good to me!

I won't go into detail on how to use it, but I find the kit very straight forward (especially when using it with the below video) and it took us around 15 minutes to complete one hand. I think we were slightly rushing it too, so the finish could have been better but there were no complaints! We could have done it a lot faster, but I'm rubbish with nails and I spent most of my time watching the video first...

Unfortunately my mum peeled off the gel nails before I could take a quick snap of her doing it, but she assures me that it was really easy to take off! It didn't stain her real nails and they actually felt quite smooth afterwards. Apparently these gel nails will last up to 10 days, so I'll update this when I get round to making my mum keep them on for longer!

Annoyingly this isn't available to buy in the UK yet :( hopefully it will arrive soon. It is, however, available in Ireland or you can order it online, so all is not lost!

Would you try out this kit or something similar?

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28 March 2014

I won't run away this time | Outfit

River Island dress

I'm quite amazed that I found this dress for £20 in River Island. I love it! The dark floral print is gorgeous. I love the contrast with the print being horizontal on top and vertical on the bottom. It's kind of pleated all over the dress too so it adds some lovely texture to it.

I'm not always a fan of loose fitting shift dresses (as I'm always convinced it does nothing for your figure), but this one is quite flattering. I do feel like I'm wearing a tent, but alas, it'll be fab to wear when going out for a meal at least. Nothing finishes off a dress like a peter pan collar too!

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26 March 2014

Avène Cicalfate Repair Cream | Review

Avène Cicalfate Repair Cream - £7.50

I've started to suffer from slightly red patches right under my nose. I have no idea what is it or why it's there... It's not sore and I'm not suffering from a cold, but for some reason it's appeared and won't go away! It's pretty dry, so it's a struggle to cover it up with concealer. I decided to try out some new face creams, dedicated for sensitive skin, to see if this will help.

My mum actually told me about Avène's Cicalfate repair cream, but as I'm not a regular user of the brand, I was both intrigued and worried about trying it. It's kind of like a 'barrier' for your skin - helping your skin to heal quicker by protecting its environment. For this reason, I guess it's good for really irritated skin compared to just a bit of redness.

Avène Cicalfate Repair Cream is a lovely cream, quite thick but very easily to apply and spread on your skin. It doesn't take long for it to sink into your skin to help moisturise and soothe your irritated skin. You only need to apply a small amount on the areas you want to 'repair'. Just a warning though, the cream is quite oily, so may not be great for oily/combination skin types!

After using it twice a day (first thing in the morning and last at night), I noticed that my skin's redness had gone down slightly but not by a lot. It wasn't as dry though, so I was able to conceal it more than usual. It's by no means a miracle product, but it does help to give the problem areas a bit of a boost in times of need.

Have you tried Avène Cicalfate Repair Cream, or can you recommend other Avène products?

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24 March 2014

London Retro Piccadilly Glasses | Review

London Retro Piccadilly glasses in Black Horn c/o MyOptique* - £79

A few months ago, I was told that I need to join the spectacle crew. In all honesty, I was a little bit excited! Weird, I know. I only need to wear them when I'm looking at my laptop... So basically I've got to wear them all the time!

MyOptique was very kind to gift me a pair of their glasses and I'm so glad that London Retro is the brand that has introduced me to specs life.

I love big glasses, and these Piccadilly frames are gorgeous and perfect for me! They're not 'too' retro or quirky, as I wanted a pair that I'd be happy to wear every day at work/meetings/home. They even arrived in a lovely brown leather case, so not only is it great quality in frames but great quality in packaging too.

I was a bit worried about ordering them online, especially as they would be my first pair, but the prescription was just right! Saying that though, my eyes really ached for the first couple of days... I think that's normal though?!

London Retro has so many amazing and different frames to choose from (named after various London places and areas - how cute!). You can buy them with or without prescription or even as sunglasses (it took me a while to choose Piccadilly from my shortlist of 6)! They're all scratch resistant, anti-reflective and actually cost just £79, which I think is pretty damn good.

Do you like retro/quirky glasses?

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22 March 2014

You can leather me with your lips | Outfit

New Look dress

I couldn't resist buying this dress when I spotted it on New Look's website. Two clashing tile prints on what looks like a two piece but is actually a dress. It's a lovely shape and a good length for a smart look. I actually bought this at full price (I swear it was new in not so long ago...) and already it's sold out at half the price! I'm glad I snapped it up when I did. It may make me look a little bit 'flat' at times, but I do love this dress.

Is anyone else so excited that spring has finally sprung? I had to dig around to find my sunglasses as I couldn't remember where I put them! It's amazing how a bit of sunshine can help make you feel better. Time to think of some summer plans!

Saying that, it's now raining outside. Spoke too soon?

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19 March 2014

Blistex Relief Cream | Review

Blistex Relief Cream - £2.59

Wow, you can tell these were taken on my old camera - I've been meaning to write this review for ages! Anyway, now that winter is disappearing, I thought I would introduce to you my go-to miracle product so you can all stock up on it before the freezing months come back again.

I suffer from really dry lips, to the point where I get permanent lip liner look on my top lip... So sore and makes me look a bit stupid! The cold weather really doesn't help, but the only product I have found that eases it down is Blistex's Relief Cream.

I use this cream when my lips are at their worst, and my top lip has gone bright red (it almost looks burnt, strangely enough). You can feel the cream tingling against your lips once you've applied it. It's not the most comfortable feeling, but you can feel it working so it's worth it. Although it doesn't help with the general dryness much, it definitely helps to soothe, moisturise and relieve the soreness on my lip.

It's perfect to keep in your handbag for any emergencies, especially at the bargain price. To me, Blistex always beats the likes of Carmex, Nivea and Vaseline and I will always turn to this product when in need.

Have you tried Blistex before?

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17 March 2014

Photoblog: March 2014 (Part 1)

1. Happy birthday old man. | 2. Cutest cookbook ever. | 3. Yankee Candle love. | 4. New makeup storage. | 5. Time to go pink/purple again. | 6. Pancake day. | 7. Happy birthday Archie. | 8. Ice Bar London. | 9. Thanks random Londoner. | 10. Bodean's love. | 11. Riding the Knightbus. | 12. Happy times. | 13. Stocked up on Ben's Cookies. | 14. Harry Potter goodies. | 15. Excited about a spatula. | 16. Finally bought some Real Techniques. | 17. Perks of the job. | 18. Want salad with that...?!

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15 March 2014

Photoblog: London & Warner Bros Studio Tour 2014

Warning: This post is seriously photo heavy!

Last weekend, my lovely boyfriend Alex treated me to a trip to London for a few days, including a little (okay, BIG) surprise that was Warner Bros Studio Tour, aka HARRY POTTER WORLD.

A quick idea of what we got up to in the capital: we went to the Ice Bar which was great fun... A novelty, very expensive for what it is, but it's definitely worth a visit. We embraced our childhood in Hamleys, went shopping on Oxford Street (where I spend a bit too much money), enjoyed some culture at Trafalgar Square & the National Gallery... and even bought a teapot from Bill's without actually eating there.

Bodean's is now our favourite place in the world. BBQ burnt ends are the shizz. Vapiano was too terrible for words. The Diner sells good milkshakes and the decor was too cute.

Now for the main attraction... If you haven't been to Harry Potter World, GO THERE NOW. I had a feeling this would be my surprise (first ever surprise that Alex didn't give away - impressed!), but when Alex gave me the tickets the night before whilst we were in London, I got very giddy and excited!

I'm not even a massive HP fan, but it's so impressive. Seeing all the original, authentic props, sets, costumes (etc etc)  is pretty mind-blowing and it's great to see how the films were made and how much time, thought and effort were put into every little thing.

I couldn't leave without buying some goodies either. The shop is very expensive, but I couldn't resist buying a pen, a magnet, a chocolate wand and a Gryffindor glass. Ooops. Also, no matter how exciting it is to try Butterbeer... It's a bit on the sickly side! Good fun trying to create Butterbeer moustaches though.

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