24 March 2014

London Retro Piccadilly Glasses | Review

London Retro Piccadilly glasses in Black Horn c/o MyOptique* - £79

A few months ago, I was told that I need to join the spectacle crew. In all honesty, I was a little bit excited! Weird, I know. I only need to wear them when I'm looking at my laptop... So basically I've got to wear them all the time!

MyOptique was very kind to gift me a pair of their glasses and I'm so glad that London Retro is the brand that has introduced me to specs life.

I love big glasses, and these Piccadilly frames are gorgeous and perfect for me! They're not 'too' retro or quirky, as I wanted a pair that I'd be happy to wear every day at work/meetings/home. They even arrived in a lovely brown leather case, so not only is it great quality in frames but great quality in packaging too.

I was a bit worried about ordering them online, especially as they would be my first pair, but the prescription was just right! Saying that though, my eyes really ached for the first couple of days... I think that's normal though?!

London Retro has so many amazing and different frames to choose from (named after various London places and areas - how cute!). You can buy them with or without prescription or even as sunglasses (it took me a while to choose Piccadilly from my shortlist of 6)! They're all scratch resistant, anti-reflective and actually cost just £79, which I think is pretty damn good.

Do you like retro/quirky glasses?



Cherry Pullinger said...

I recently got some London Retro glasses, they're so good. These look great on you!

xban66 said...

These look great on you! http://www.pjswinterjacken.com

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