15 March 2014

Photoblog: London & Warner Bros Studio Tour 2014

Warning: This post is seriously photo heavy!

Last weekend, my lovely boyfriend Alex treated me to a trip to London for a few days, including a little (okay, BIG) surprise that was Warner Bros Studio Tour, aka HARRY POTTER WORLD.

A quick idea of what we got up to in the capital: we went to the Ice Bar which was great fun... A novelty, very expensive for what it is, but it's definitely worth a visit. We embraced our childhood in Hamleys, went shopping on Oxford Street (where I spend a bit too much money), enjoyed some culture at Trafalgar Square & the National Gallery... and even bought a teapot from Bill's without actually eating there.

Bodean's is now our favourite place in the world. BBQ burnt ends are the shizz. Vapiano was too terrible for words. The Diner sells good milkshakes and the decor was too cute.

Now for the main attraction... If you haven't been to Harry Potter World, GO THERE NOW. I had a feeling this would be my surprise (first ever surprise that Alex didn't give away - impressed!), but when Alex gave me the tickets the night before whilst we were in London, I got very giddy and excited!

I'm not even a massive HP fan, but it's so impressive. Seeing all the original, authentic props, sets, costumes (etc etc)  is pretty mind-blowing and it's great to see how the films were made and how much time, thought and effort were put into every little thing.

I couldn't leave without buying some goodies either. The shop is very expensive, but I couldn't resist buying a pen, a magnet, a chocolate wand and a Gryffindor glass. Ooops. Also, no matter how exciting it is to try Butterbeer... It's a bit on the sickly side! Good fun trying to create Butterbeer moustaches though.



Lisa said...

I'm probably being really thick this morning but what's the top of that pen supposed to be?

Kerri Whitehouse said...

It looks a bit like a film projector? These pics have made me super excited I have tickets to go!

Danielle Eskdale said...

So jealous you wouldn't believe.I need to make it one day, it's poo living so far north sometimes haha
Looks like you had an awesome time though :) Great photos!

Best Wishes, Danielle.

Dani Johanna Millward said...

It's exactly that Kerri - a film projector :) to be fair Lisa, you're not the only one who's asked that question! I think I even asked it before I bought it haha x

Dani Johanna Millward said...

Thanks! I definitely recommend going, it'll be worth the journey! :)

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