22 March 2014

You can leather me with your lips | Outfit

New Look dress

I couldn't resist buying this dress when I spotted it on New Look's website. Two clashing tile prints on what looks like a two piece but is actually a dress. It's a lovely shape and a good length for a smart look. I actually bought this at full price (I swear it was new in not so long ago...) and already it's sold out at half the price! I'm glad I snapped it up when I did. It may make me look a little bit 'flat' at times, but I do love this dress.

Is anyone else so excited that spring has finally sprung? I had to dig around to find my sunglasses as I couldn't remember where I put them! It's amazing how a bit of sunshine can help make you feel better. Time to think of some summer plans!

Saying that, it's now raining outside. Spoke too soon?


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