26 April 2014

BLOG THIS Sundried | Outfit & Review

Sundried t-shirt*

How cute is this custom made tee from Sundried? I love the 'blog this' message on it - not too obvious for the general public, but it suits me to the ground! When Sundried asked me if I wanted one of these t-shirts, I jumped at the chance. I don't own or wear many casual tees, but this is so comfortable and soft to wear, I'm a t-shirt convert!

I didn't know much about Sundried to begin with, but after doing some research, I found out that the brand cares a lot about the environment and community. It was founded on a beach in Peru, has community projects going on in Lima and Brazil, the tees made are all Ethical Trade and Justice for workers AND they're produced with 100% organic product. I love it when a brand cares. It makes me want to support them more!

Sundried t-shirts range at around £20, but you can also purchase sunglasses and hoodies too. The fact that this t-shirt is such fab quality has made me really want to check out the rest of the range. I actually think £20 is such a good price for a t-shirt from Sundried. It's better quality than a lot of the high street t-shirts I own (some of which cost more than £20)! Did I mention that it's also so damn comfortable? Because it is!

What's your favourite ethical clothing brand?


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