08 April 2014

Nanaimo Bars the Original | Review

Nanaimo Bars The Original - £5.99*

Recently, I can't seem to say no to food. I know my waistline will tell me off soon, but hey. I bloody love food, especially when it includes chocolate! Nothing like a sweet treat to keep you going, right?

Nanaimo Bars The Original consist of coconut biscuit, with a custard cream layer and Belgian dark chocolate on top. Delicious for the likes of my boyfriend who loves coconut, but unfortunately I hate the stuff... So Alex is the tester this time round!

The coconut is strong in these little bites (why did I write that in a Yoda-style voice?), and overpowers the custard. They're very soft and almost melt in your mouth. The coconut biscuit has more of a cookie texture, which just adds to the softness. Just little bites of yumminess, I guess!

The batch we had also included a raspberry version (replacing the custard cream), which were equally as delicious (so I'm told!) and the flavour actually came through more to compliment the coconut.

Alex would definitely recommend these to others, especially if you love coconut as that seems to be the key ingredient. He actually ate these at room temperature, but they're traditionally served chilled. I got Alex to try them again when chilled, and he said they taste even better this way. Win win situation... Except for me, I'll stick to the maltesers I'm currently eating whilst typing this!

Nanaimo Bars The Original sound perfect to add to your next party or gathering I reckon... or even as a gift, due to the cute packaging :)

Have you tried Nanaimo Bars The Original?


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