15 May 2014

Bistrotea TeaPods | Review

Bistrotea TeaPods* - £14.80

I love a good cup of tea. Granted, most of the time I forget to drink all of it as it gets too cold, but a cup of tea fixes everything.

The Bistrotea TeaPod is a new organic, fair trade tea that packs in flavour and fragrance all in a little packet that looks like those sugar packets you find in pubs or cafes!

I'll admit, they are a bit of a gimmick to me. I don't let teabags infuse with the water for very long. I mash them up in the water, take them out and add milk. Boom. BistroTea's Tea Pods need at least 3-5 minutes to infuse, and you have to constantly mix it during that time too. Once infused, you add the milk and use the Teapod to stir it in too. I really can't knock the fact that it tastes like a decent cup of tea, but it took a bit longer than I expected. Maybe I'm just a bit lazy.

I do like how you don't need a teaspoon to make a cup of tea and it doesn't really leave any mess when you take it out of the cup. I think these would be great to keep in your handbag for any tea emergencies that might appear... I'm not sure when that would be, but it must happen!

A great thing about this range is that each TeaPod includes premium grade organic tea leaves, that are harvested, selected and processed in Sri Lanka on Fair Trade estates. You can buy TeaPods in various flavours, such as your classic English Breakfast and Earl Grey and herbal blends including goji berry and herbs n' honey.

A carton of TeaPods costs £14.80 and includes 32 single blend TeaPods... Rather pricy, but I guess it could be a pretty nice gift for those who love tea and like to try something different!

Have you tried Bistrotea TeaPods? What's your favourite cup of tea?


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