29 May 2014

Pizza Express Lunch Menu | Review

I was invited to try out Pizza Express' new Express Lunch menu - a new menu dedicated to quick and tasty meals for lunchtime, including some Pizza Express classics. During a little day out to Worcester with Alex, we decided to go to the city centre branch to check it out.

It looks like quite a small menu but you do have plenty to choose from. It starts from £3.45 and includes soups, Piadinas, salads and Romanita pizzas... You can even choose sides such as the beloved dough balls! Nom.

I'm a bit of a fussy eater, but my all-time favourite Pizza Express choice, Pollo ad Astra pizza (but on the thinner Romanita base), was available so I instantly chose that. My pizza was delicious, with just the right amount of chicken, peppers and onions. It was also a pretty decent size for lunch to be honest! I happily gave up a couple of slices to Alex as I got a bit full (and also felt bad that my lunch was bigger than his).

For blog review reasons, Alex kindly chose the Italian meats piadina... Not the best looking dish above, but he really enjoyed it! It included a trio of cured Italian meats, roasted tomatoes, mozzarella, rocket, pesto, black pepper and finished with extra virgin olive oil. He said it was really tasty and he soon polished it off.

As for the doughballs, you only get 4 but they were just as good as normal and the portion was enough on top of everything else. So much bread!

The restaurant was really quiet so we were in and out of Pizza Express within 40 minutes. FORTY MINUTES. I think that's a perfect time for lunch, especially if you want a fancy lunch on a work day as you won't be late going back to the office. I'm sure we'll be heading back there for lunch one day... Maybe next time I'll find room for a dessert.

Have you tried out Pizza Express' new lunchtime menu?

* I was invited to try Pizza Express' lunchtime menu as a guest. All views are my own.


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