27 May 2014

Stop 'n Grow | Review

Stop 'n Grow - £4.50

Nail biting has been the bane of my life, so I needed some willpower to help me kick the habit right at the beginning. Is there anything better to try than something that claims it has 'willpower in a bottle'?!

I've actually used this product before, in the days when I couldn't kick the habit and I actually got used to the taste. BLEURGH. Luckily I can't get used to it anymore (I must have even more willpower).

Stop 'n Grow is designed to help you to stop biting your nails as it leaves a disgusting taste on your nails, that actually stays on your lips so it really puts you off going for more.

Saying that, the taste actually seeps onto your fingers a little bit because the consistency is quite watery. I was put off eating crisps, chocolate and the like as all I could taste was this! Good for nails and diet?!

It's clear when you paint it on so you can't tell that you've got it on your nails. It also stinks so I wouldn't paint this in public. The smell does go away once it's dried on your nails though.

If you're desperate to kick the habit, like me, then I definitely recommend this! It's not very pleasant in the slightest, but it bloody works.


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