03 May 2014

Wave after wave, wave after wave | Outfit

eBay dungarees | Primark t-shirt | Converse

I love a good pair of dungarees, but I could never find the right pair for me. Every high street shop I looked in had some lovely dungarees, but in the wrong style or colour that I wanted. I gave up after a while, but after browsing Rosie's blog the other day, she was wearing the exact style of dungarees I've been looking for... And I snapped them up pretty much instantly!

These dungarees are amazing. I was worried that I would order the wrong size (as it's so hard to tell, especially on eBay), but they fit like a dream. I love the skinny leg with turn-ups at the bottom. These will be perfect to wear over Springtime.

You may have noticed last week, but my short purple hair is now back with a vengeance! I really missed having my hair short like this and, although it was a massive shock to the system and panicked that my hairdresser cut a bit too much off, I'm glad I've got it back now :) Even Gino D'Acampo seemed to like my purple hair compared to my blonde and red days... Definitely a perk from working last Saturday!



daisychaindream said...

Loving dungarees right now! Looking good! x

The Style Box said...

I love these dungarees. They look awesome on both you and Rosie. Not sure my legs are slim enough to pull them off though x

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