05 June 2014

Astral Original All Over Moisturiser | Review

Astral Original All Over Moisturiser* - £7.99

Astral has been a go-to product for many people for many years. It's more for the mature audience, and you can use it all over your body if you wish - it's perfect for everyone. I've never used it until now...

It's a rich, thick and creamy moisturiser which instantly worried me as I thought it would be too heavy for my skin. However, it sunk into my skin quickly and made my face feel smooth, soft and not greasy in the slightest. It's great for dry skin, which I have, but it's probably too much for other skin types to handle.

I probably apply a bit too much than needed, because it's not the easiest to spread across your face evenly. Saying that, I haven't suffered from any breakouts or irritation which is great. It does smell a bit odd... I can't quite put my finger on what the smell is, but it's not an awful smell, it just smells a bit 'old'.

I have been using this in my nighttime routine, and my skin actually feels pretty moisturised when I wake up in the morning so it does last a long time. I'm also going to start using this on my hands and feet to see if it makes any difference with the dryness there as they're pretty bad at the moment!

I'm impressed so far!

Have you ever tried Astral?


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