07 June 2014

Money, do you need it? | Outfit

Primark tshirt | Topshop dress | H&M leggings | JuJu jelly shoes | H&M necklace

Why it's taken me so long to purchase some jelly shoes, I have no idea. I'm seriously embracing my childhood right now with these sparkly silver jelly shoes by JuJu! I cannot wait for the weather to get better again so I can wear them all summer.

You still get the standard feeling of your feet getting completely stuck in them though, and I forgot how weird that feeling is. However I do love teaming these with some white frilly socks just to be a bit different.

I'm off to another wedding today - this time, my lovely friend Scarlet is tying the knot and I couldn't be happier for her. I just really hope the bad weather holds off long enough for the photos! I'm so excited to wear my new maxi dress as well... Check my Instagram for a sneaky peak!

Also, how is it June already? Seriously? It's officially work event season, where I'll be heading off to Taste of Dublin next week for my second year, but then I actually have a week off work when I get to visit my brother, sister-in-law, 3 year old niece and new baby nephew in Holland for a few days! Okay, I'm glad it's June now!


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