12 June 2014

Personalised Peppa Pig Books by Penwizard | Review

Now I know what you're thinking... What on earth am I doing reviewing these children's books? Well I honestly think these are the most amazing things that I'm going to give to my nieces EVER.

Personalised Peppa Pig books from Penwizard* - £14.99 each

I bought the 'Peppa and Emily Go Swimming' book for my niece's birthday, and Penwizard kindly gifted me the My Daddy book for my niece Lotte, especially since it's coming up to Father's Day.

Each book has its own little story, customised so your child/niece/nephew/granddaughter/grandson/WHOEVER can be featured alongside Peppa and her crew. You can even create a little character to represent them as well... And the My Daddy book allowed you to customise their dad too! I'm sure my brother is going to be THRILLED at how he looks in this book...

The stories are so cute, and you can include a little personalised message at the beginning of the book too so it becomes a keepsake.

I got very excited about these books, as I still own a small personalised Christmas book which I received when I was little (granted, it's from Germany and is a lot more meaningful, but still). I hope my nieces keep these books safe and sound through the years and even pass them down generations. It's such a lovely idea which kids will absolutely love!

What do you think of personalised kid's books?


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