19 July 2014

Fill your heart up with gladness | Outfit

New Look top | Moto at Topshop jeans | Toms shoes

I've finally bought a new pair of decent (and rather expensive at £42) jeans! Granted, they're ripped and I'm getting a lot of "Dani, you know your jeans are ripped?" comments, but I love them. I never thought I'd love ripped jeans but I do. These fit like a dream, whilst keeping to their skinny style. They don't really go baggy after a couple of days either. I knew I used to spend more on jeans for a reason!

I also picked up this cute little polkadot New Look sleeveless shirt for less than £10 last week. I haven't really got many smart/casual tops like this anymore, as they've all shrunk, so I'm hoping this will have some wear in it! If so, I'll definitely stock up on a few styles.

I've finally got my lovely purpley-pinky hair back! It's amazing how much better you feel once you've got rid of your roots. I was feeling so ill last weekend that I'm having to catch up on various things, such as my blog whilst I've got the time. However, most of my time is being spent on my new toy. I've had to buy a new MacBook Air (it's 11 inch... SO TINY) as my 7 year old MacBook felt and smelt like it was going to explode one day very soon. Seriously, I'm pretty sure the fan is broken and it was going to catch fire. Anyway, I love a new tech toy!

In other news, I may be flat hunting right now... Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)



Dani Johanna Millward said...

Hello there, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Rules and questions for you to answer are on my page. Good luck xx


Dani Johanna Millward said...

Love the jeans!


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