27 August 2014

Makeup Revolution The One Concealer | Review

Makeup Revolution's The One Concealer - £3

The One Concealer has a moisturising element to it as well, which is a bit strange if I’m honest. I’m not a big fan of this! You actually get more moisture than concealer because the pigmented core isn't that big. The hydrating layer is too large, therefore not giving me as much coverage as I would like to achieve.

On a positive note, the moisturising aspect doesn’t feel greasy and it does settle well on your skin once it’s applied. It doesn't feel heavy on your skin either.

When the concealer is fully applied and blended with a make-up brush, it almost disappears. However, the pigmentation isn’t great and doesn’t hide my under eye circles or any blemishes.

For £3, I don't regret buying it but I wouldn't purchase it again. It's going to sit in my make-up drawer for the times I desperately need extra hydration, or when I've ran out of other concealer...

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20 August 2014

FruitBroo Juicy Iced Tea Range | Review

FruitBroo Iced Tea in Elderflower and Lime, and Peach, Pear and Honey* - £3.50 each

I can't handle hot drinks in summer very well... It's just too damn warm! Thankfully, FruitBroo has brought a new juicy iced tea range, featuring the likes of Elderflower and Lime, and Peach Pear and Honey.

These are perfect with chilled water and ice - all you need to do is add 3/4 teaspoons of FruitBroo into a glass, then add half water and half ice. You can even try it with sparkling water, which is pretty delish!

These drinks are full of flavour and are the perfect summer tipple. I'll be honest, I wasn't the greatest fan of FruitBroo's hot drinks, but these are a different story. The 'Peach, Pear and Honey' drink is quite strong, whereas the Elderflower and Lime is quite subtle, with some strong hints of lime. Depending on how strong you want these, I guess you can add as much or as little FruitBroo syrup as you like!

The bottles are actually bigger than the hot drinks, which is great as it'll last even longer. I'd love to see the range grow for next year's summer season!

You can purchase FruitBroo's iced tea range from the FruitBroo website or from Sainsburys, and definitely worth spending an extra £3.50 during your next shop!

Have you tried FruitBroo?

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16 August 2014

Makeup Revolution Haul | Review

I decided to treat myself to a little(-ish) make-up haul before all my money vanishes when I move out, and I couldn't resist checking out Makeup Revolution's range as it seems every single blogger seems to be on the Makeup Revolution bandwagon at the moment! I needed a piece of the action.

Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 'Redemption' Eyeshadow Palette - £4

I haven't got any of Urban Decay's Naked palettes. I know, BAD BLOGGER, but I've heard that this palette is a pretty perfect dupe so I'm really intrigued to find out just how good it is. It's got some great matte, pearl and shimmer shades in here, so I really hope this lives up to my expectations.

Makeup Revolution Blush & Contour Ultra Professional Blush Palette in Sugar and Spice - £6

I've never owned a full blush palette before and this one includes some gorgeous shades, especially for £6! Again, it's got a mixture of shimmer and matte shades, but also includes baked blush and even a baked highlighter. It's the ultimate palette, really.

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights - £3

I played it safe with the Vivid Highlighter and chose the Peach Lights version - you can also buy it in Lilac and Golden, but I think Peach will suit me more and also be a bit more versatile for day/night looks. I do really like using powder highlighters as I find them easier to blend, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed with this one.

Makeup Revolution The One Concealer - £3

This looks like an odd one. It could be amazing or could be just plain weird. It looks like a concealer and moisturiser in one, and is supposed to tackle imperfections and dark circles - the exact reasons why I would use this. I haven't tried a concealer like this before, so I would love it if the concealer is pigmented enough to work, but also hydrates my skin at the same time!

Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Eye Primer - £2.50

I haven't used an eye primer in so long, so it would be great to see whether this does the trick for everyday wear! It doesn't seem too different compared to other primers I've used in the past. Apparently it helps to fix your eyeshadows in place, plus brightens them up (especially for metallic eyeshadows). We shall see.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick in Luscious - £1

Can a £1 lipstick be that 'amazing'? This coral/orange colour looks fab (I'm a bit obsessed with this shade at the moment) so I really hope it's got great lasting power and applies well. No harm to the bank if it doesn't, but I can see myself stocking up on loads more colours if I like it!

Have you tried out Makeup Revolution?
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13 August 2014

Mr Nutcase Personalised Phone Case | Review

Mr Nutcase phone case* - £14.95

I hate writing negative reviews, but sometimes it must be done. I don't understand what happened with this phone case, but it just didn't work out as well I had hoped.

Mr Nutcase is a new brand (to me), and since I've finally got a new iPhone 5s, I thought it was a good time to get a pretty new phone case to personalise and showcase all my favourite photos on.

Unfortunately, the photos came out very pixelated and blurry. I know that most of these photos were taken on an iPhone, but the photo quality is still high for every photo. They've printed really well before, even on an old phone case, but Mr Nutcase didn't seem to do it as well.

In fact, the entire phone case feels quite cheap. The clear plastic edges and corners are really rough and a little sharp to the touch, and the finish isn't great either. The photos don't feel smooth on there at all.

Sorry, like I said, I hate negative reviews... But come on now... £14.95?!

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09 August 2014

You're picture perfect blue | Outfit

Fitted Waist Maxi Dress by Wal-G* (c/o House of Fraser)

This dress is just beautiful and I really need an occasion to wear it. It's by Wal-G, which isn't a brand I usually go for but this dress has definitely changed my mind on that matter. It fits perfectly and the length is just right if I wear heels. It's a dress suitable for tall girls though, I must say!

I love the fact it has a sheer maxi overlay skirt, as I can't get enough of that recently. However, the underlay skirt is a little bit short and I do find myself making sure it's pulled down just in case I flash anyone. Thankfully the colour does help to shield it too!

This may be the last outfit post I publish for the next few weeks... I'm in the middle of moving into my own little flat with Alex in Worcester RIGHT NOW. It's all very exciting, but of course it also means that I probably won't have internet for a while until it's all set up.

I've got a few blog posts scheduled, but other than that, it's going to be a little break for me! Maybe it's just what I need from this blog... Start afresh and all that.

Anyway, you can still catch up on Twitter, Instagram and the like until I'm back! :)

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07 August 2014

Crizal Transitions Signature VII Graphite Green | Review

Crizal Transitions Signature VII Graphite Green*

As a very new glasses wearer, I don't really know much about anything when it comes to my eyes. After being given the chance to try out Crizal Transitions' new Graphite Green lenses, I was really intrigued to find out more.

I was booked in for an eye test at Chapman & Myers in Kidderminster, where the team were fab during the eye test, helping me choose some frames that will go with the lenses, and talking me through my prescription and the lenses themselves. My prescription had changed slightly since my last eye test, and I'm now officially long-sighted. They filled me in on everything I need to know, which was a fantastic change and a bit of a relief to be honest. Kudos to the Chapman & Myers team!

After the eye test, I was able to choose a pair of frames up to the value of £200. After a long trying-on session, I opted for some gorgeous Ted Baker frames. I was close to choosing black RayBans (purely because they're RayBans!) but I'm very glad I've gone for these. They're different to what I thought I would choose, I like the colour and, after getting them adjusted, they fit like a dream.

Now for the main aspect - the lenses. At first, I was really sceptical about having green lenses. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect or how they work. The opticians showed me an example pair of glasses with the lenses, and I played around with a UV torch to watch how the lenses change from clear to green after being subjected to a lot of UV. I was pretty amazed!

It's also worth noting that, even though the lenses change to green, they really don't distort your vision. You can still see everything clearly, which is great. They're perfect to wear if you're driving or outside in general as they almost act like sunglasses.

The lenses also offer protection against scratches, smudges, glare, dust and water, as well as protect your eyes from sun damage thanks to ESPF 25.

I'm really happy about these lenses and my new glasses. I'm weirdly a little bit sad that I only need to wear these when I'm working and not for general use as I'm not sure I'll see the graphite green lenses in full action that much!

Check with your local opticians to see if they offer Crizal Transitions lenses.

Also, how cute is the Ted Baker cloth?!

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05 August 2014

Photoblog: July 2014 (Part 2)

1. NEXT sale treats. | 2. Ice cream treat. | 3. Love new bedding. | 4. Baby shower number 1. | 5. essence goodies. | 6. Makeup Revolution goodies. | 7. Love my new Ted Baker/Transitions glasses. | 8. Created my first ever fruit bowl. | 9. Guess the celebrity mum. | 10. Baby shower number 2. 11. Bump drawing. | 12. This only means one thing... | 13. Heart attack in a shopping trolley. | 14. New blog design! | 15. Couldn't choose between chocolate brownie or cookie...

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02 August 2014

I'll be here waiting ever so patiently for you | Outfit

New Look checked crop top | Primark midi skirt

This powder blue midi skirt has been my life saviour over the last couple of weeks. It's lovely to wear and is very comfortable during this heat wave we've been having! I actually had to get my mum to take it in a little bit for me in order for it be a bit more high waisted, but the length is just right for both the underlay skirt and the sheer overlay fabric.

I dressed this skirt up a little bit with my very fitted New Look crop top. I swear this top has shrunk after its first wash. It seems a lot tighter than usual!

I had a brief outfit hiatus as I've just been so busy... A week ago, I attended two lovely baby showers (one of which I helped organise) and had a barbecue with some great friends. However, majority of my spare time has been spent organising things for mine and Alex's flat, which is now 100% confirmed! It's way too easy to spend £400 in IKEA... Trust me.

Blog posts may be more sporadic for a while, purely because I'll moving next weekend and I won't have any internet for god knows how long... Maybe a little break will do me some good though! :)

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