07 August 2014

Crizal Transitions Signature VII Graphite Green | Review

Crizal Transitions Signature VII Graphite Green*

As a very new glasses wearer, I don't really know much about anything when it comes to my eyes. After being given the chance to try out Crizal Transitions' new Graphite Green lenses, I was really intrigued to find out more.

I was booked in for an eye test at Chapman & Myers in Kidderminster, where the team were fab during the eye test, helping me choose some frames that will go with the lenses, and talking me through my prescription and the lenses themselves. My prescription had changed slightly since my last eye test, and I'm now officially long-sighted. They filled me in on everything I need to know, which was a fantastic change and a bit of a relief to be honest. Kudos to the Chapman & Myers team!

After the eye test, I was able to choose a pair of frames up to the value of £200. After a long trying-on session, I opted for some gorgeous Ted Baker frames. I was close to choosing black RayBans (purely because they're RayBans!) but I'm very glad I've gone for these. They're different to what I thought I would choose, I like the colour and, after getting them adjusted, they fit like a dream.

Now for the main aspect - the lenses. At first, I was really sceptical about having green lenses. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect or how they work. The opticians showed me an example pair of glasses with the lenses, and I played around with a UV torch to watch how the lenses change from clear to green after being subjected to a lot of UV. I was pretty amazed!

It's also worth noting that, even though the lenses change to green, they really don't distort your vision. You can still see everything clearly, which is great. They're perfect to wear if you're driving or outside in general as they almost act like sunglasses.

The lenses also offer protection against scratches, smudges, glare, dust and water, as well as protect your eyes from sun damage thanks to ESPF 25.

I'm really happy about these lenses and my new glasses. I'm weirdly a little bit sad that I only need to wear these when I'm working and not for general use as I'm not sure I'll see the graphite green lenses in full action that much!

Check with your local opticians to see if they offer Crizal Transitions lenses.

Also, how cute is the Ted Baker cloth?!


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