27 August 2014

Makeup Revolution The One Concealer | Review

Makeup Revolution's The One Concealer - £3

The One Concealer has a moisturising element to it as well, which is a bit strange if I’m honest. I’m not a big fan of this! You actually get more moisture than concealer because the pigmented core isn't that big. The hydrating layer is too large, therefore not giving me as much coverage as I would like to achieve.

On a positive note, the moisturising aspect doesn’t feel greasy and it does settle well on your skin once it’s applied. It doesn't feel heavy on your skin either.

When the concealer is fully applied and blended with a make-up brush, it almost disappears. However, the pigmentation isn’t great and doesn’t hide my under eye circles or any blemishes.

For £3, I don't regret buying it but I wouldn't purchase it again. It's going to sit in my make-up drawer for the times I desperately need extra hydration, or when I've ran out of other concealer...


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