13 August 2014

Mr Nutcase Personalised Phone Case | Review

Mr Nutcase phone case* - £14.95

I hate writing negative reviews, but sometimes it must be done. I don't understand what happened with this phone case, but it just didn't work out as well I had hoped.

Mr Nutcase is a new brand (to me), and since I've finally got a new iPhone 5s, I thought it was a good time to get a pretty new phone case to personalise and showcase all my favourite photos on.

Unfortunately, the photos came out very pixelated and blurry. I know that most of these photos were taken on an iPhone, but the photo quality is still high for every photo. They've printed really well before, even on an old phone case, but Mr Nutcase didn't seem to do it as well.

In fact, the entire phone case feels quite cheap. The clear plastic edges and corners are really rough and a little sharp to the touch, and the finish isn't great either. The photos don't feel smooth on there at all.

Sorry, like I said, I hate negative reviews... But come on now... £14.95?!


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