09 August 2014

You're picture perfect blue | Outfit

Fitted Waist Maxi Dress by Wal-G* (c/o House of Fraser)

This dress is just beautiful and I really need an occasion to wear it. It's by Wal-G, which isn't a brand I usually go for but this dress has definitely changed my mind on that matter. It fits perfectly and the length is just right if I wear heels. It's a dress suitable for tall girls though, I must say!

I love the fact it has a sheer maxi overlay skirt, as I can't get enough of that recently. However, the underlay skirt is a little bit short and I do find myself making sure it's pulled down just in case I flash anyone. Thankfully the colour does help to shield it too!

This may be the last outfit post I publish for the next few weeks... I'm in the middle of moving into my own little flat with Alex in Worcester RIGHT NOW. It's all very exciting, but of course it also means that I probably won't have internet for a while until it's all set up.

I've got a few blog posts scheduled, but other than that, it's going to be a little break for me! Maybe it's just what I need from this blog... Start afresh and all that.

Anyway, you can still catch up on Twitter, Instagram and the like until I'm back! :)


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