25 September 2014

OPI Muppets Most Wanted Mini Set | Review

OPI Muppets Most Wanted Mini Set - £14.50

I'm like a magpie when it comes to The Muppets. Whenever I spot something that mentions those cheeky puppets, I have to buy it. When OPI launched it's Muppets Most Wanted set, I almost screamed with joy. When I saw the mini set being sold in TK Maxx for a tenner, I did scream with joy.

The shades in this set are really cute and quite simple - nothing outrageous. If anything, there's a mixture of classic shades and some perfect autumnal shades in my opinion.

Miss Piggy's Big Number is a gorgeous metallic deep blue shade that really glimmers in the light.

I Love Applause is a pale pink colour, and more suited for Spring/Summer due to its simple glossiness.

Kermit Me To Speak is my favourite of the bunch. It's like two colours in one, shifting from an olive green colour to a mauve/lavender shade depending on the light.

Chillin' Like A Villain is a peachy shade, very similar to I Love Applause due to its simplicity. There's no hidden gems in this polish and is a great nude colour to use.

All in all, these polishes need 3 coats in order to achieve their full potential. The consistency is quite thin so I'd be careful not to apply too much at once. It was a bloody nightmare trying to paint them on my nail testers, so I reckon a base coat will make life a bit easier!

It's not the most exciting set of them all, but for a Muppets fan like myself, you can't go wrong. They're staple colours to keep in your collection.

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23 September 2014

Photoblog: September 2014 (Part 1)

1. New home goodies. | 2. Twigs. | 3. Lovely find from TK Maxx. | 4. Broody time. | 5. New mirror. | 6. New hair. | 7. Hen do. | 8. FOTD. | 9. New job present. | 10. Archie time. | 11. Alex's new baby. | 12. Slipper time. | 13. First baking day at the flat. | 14. Housewarming from the Hopcutts. | 15. Leaving drink. | 16. Goodbye Ravers! | 17. Leaving present. | 18. Day out in Worcester. | 19. Surprise from Alex. | 20. Housewarming from my brother and sister-in-law. | 21. Gheluvelt Park.

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20 September 2014

Trying to figure it out | Outfit

Primark t-shirt | Zara jeans | Next slippers

I bought these gorgeous Zara jeans before summer and I haven't worn them until now. How bad is that?! Not only did I buy them months ago, it's the wrong time of the bloody year to wear them.

These are definitely a 'one-wear' kind of jean, and will need washing after every single wear. They stretch quite a bit and feel the need to pull them up throughout the day... Very annoying! I need to invest a belt.

Apart from that, they fit like a dream and they've got a lovely waxed quality to them. I've already spilt something on them so I live in fear when I wear these, so maybe it's best to wave goodbye to them until the SS15.

And yes... I am wearing my new slippers. I've been embracing comfort mode.

It's time for my yearly hair change, and this time I've decided to go back to my brunette roots! I had to go a lot darker than anticipated, due to the sheer amount of bleach left on my locks from the previous colour. However, I've grown to really like it, especially with the shorter cut. If you're around Worcester, I recommend popping into Hare & Hyde salon, as they did a fab job on my hair!

Whenever I decide to change my hair, it's always because of a life-changing decision... This time? New/first flat and new job (wish me luck for Monday). They come in threes so I thought the hair would be the perfect third!

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17 September 2014

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant | Review

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant - £12.50 (usually £25)

This product is like the holy grail. Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour range is just fantastic, and it's Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant has been a classic choice for years. However, Elizabeth Arden has brought out a Fragrance Free version so I just had to check it out.

I've never been a big fan of the scent of Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour range... It's very distinctive but so difficult to describe! It doesn't matter so much at times, but I sometimes get dry patches around my nose (nice). That's why the Fragrance Free version is like a god send... No longer will I constantly smell that very odd yet strong scent! It literally doesn't smell of anything, it's amazing!

It works just as well as the original Eight Hour Skin Protectant. I still wouldn't call it a cream, it's more like a gel or petroleum jelly. It sinks in really well into your skin and doesn't feel greasy to the touch. It's also orange in colour but it applies clear which is always good! I only apply a little bit twice a day (first thing in the morning and last thing at night) when I need to, and it's more than enough to do the job.

This is absolutely perfect to use during autumn/winter time. Yes, it's pricey, but a little goes a very long way and it's cleared any dry/sore patches of skin quicker than other products I have used. I will always make sure I've got this in my drawer!

Have you tried this product?

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13 September 2014

We found ourselves some treasure | Outfit

Sundried Inca 4 Stripes t-shirt* | Primark shorts

Sundried is fast becoming one of my favourite brands for such comfortable and casual tees. I find myself wearing this quite often (obviously washed in between)... I love the look of the new Inca 4 Stripes t shirt. The style is reaching out to its Peruvian roots, and it's still kept true to its 100% organic message. The shades are perfect for autumn too.

The last couple of months have not only flown by, but they've been pretty damn good. Alex and I have moved into a lovely little flat in Worcester... Although we may be counting down until we can move to a better place (stupid mildew), I absolutely love it. I'm also way too excited about having a new sofa being delivered in a couple of weeks. Never thought I'd say that.

Not only that, but my red/pink/purple hair has now vanished and I've gone brown. Dark brown. If you haven't seen on Instagram or Twitter yet, then all will be revealed!

Oh, and I start a brand new job in Birmingham city centre in a week's time. :)

They say it comes in threes, after all.

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09 September 2014

Photoblog: August 2014

1. Love Daylesford. | 2. Rave cupcakes. | 3. Time to move in. | 4. Paint job. | 5. #aoletsgo | 6. All set for the weekend. | 7. Moving selfie. | 8. Where do you begin? | 9. Lovely roses from Alex's grandparents. | 10. First food shop. | 11. Starting to look like a home. | 12. Living room. | 13. Bedroom. | 14. Small but sweet kitchen. | 15. Time for tea. | 16. Baking area. | 17. Bathroom's finally done. | 18. Can't resist that face. | 19. Freak weather. | 20. Cat's made himself at home on my old bed. | 21. Cheeky Topshop trip. | 22. Happy new home. | 23. Canvases. | 24. Pretty TV unit. | 25. Sass & Belle storage. | 26. Lunch with mum and sister at Detroit's. | 27. Jack and Sally. | 28. OOTD. | 29. Photos. | 30. And more. | 31. Trying to eat well. |  32. Work time. | 33. Don Macaroni. | 34. Wellies. | 35. Made a friend. | 36. Hard life. | 37. #AEGCookingClub selfie. | 38. Surprise visit from Alex James. | 39. Big Feastival. | 40. Reward. | 41. Big Feastival goodies.

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