13 September 2014

We found ourselves some treasure | Outfit

Sundried Inca 4 Stripes t-shirt* | Primark shorts

Sundried is fast becoming one of my favourite brands for such comfortable and casual tees. I find myself wearing this quite often (obviously washed in between)... I love the look of the new Inca 4 Stripes t shirt. The style is reaching out to its Peruvian roots, and it's still kept true to its 100% organic message. The shades are perfect for autumn too.

The last couple of months have not only flown by, but they've been pretty damn good. Alex and I have moved into a lovely little flat in Worcester... Although we may be counting down until we can move to a better place (stupid mildew), I absolutely love it. I'm also way too excited about having a new sofa being delivered in a couple of weeks. Never thought I'd say that.

Not only that, but my red/pink/purple hair has now vanished and I've gone brown. Dark brown. If you haven't seen on Instagram or Twitter yet, then all will be revealed!

Oh, and I start a brand new job in Birmingham city centre in a week's time. :)

They say it comes in threes, after all.


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