30 October 2014

Disney and your #VeryBadDay

Working in social media means that I'm constantly interested in campaigns that brands have created. Some interest me more than others, but that obviously depends on how much I like the brand itself. There's one campaign that caught my eye recently, and luckily I got to experience it too!

As a huge Disney fan (and Steve Carell fan for that matter), I can't wait for the new film Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. What an epic title. Disney UK has made a lovely, thoughtful campaign to promote and celebrate the release, by contacting various people who have tweeted that they've had a bad day, and offering to send them something to make their day brighter and better. Cute!

Yes, I was damn cheeky in my blatant request (and, to be fair, my very bad day was, indeed, VERY bad), but I wanted to find out how it worked! I luckily received a reply and, quite frankly, it's one of the best packages I've received in a while! It's as if they knew Minnie Mouse is my favourite Disney character. It's one of the most comfiest onesies ever and I love it so much.

I've noticed that Disney is still tweeting people now, but I don't know what the end date to the campaign is. I presume it's happening until the film is released!

I do love when brands interact with the public. Sometimes that's more worthwhile than working with bloggers, especially with this campaign... It's meaningful, it's making a difference to a wider range of audiences and it's being talked about in more social media communities.

Kudos, Disney. I didn't think I could love you more.

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28 October 2014

Get ready for the Starbucks #RedCups!

My Friday lunchtime was quite exciting last week, as I got to have a little sneak preview of Starbucks' new Christmas range and, more importantly, the red cups are coming back with a brand new flavour! I also need to add that this is my first blogger event that I've been to in literally years... I've forgotten just how much I enjoy attending events like these!

As soon as I arrived at Starbucks in Selfridges, Birmingham, I spotted the gorgeous festive decor that instantly got me in the Christmas spirit (in October)!

'Sparkle' seems to be a big theme for Starbucks this year, with baubles, garlands and so much shimmery gold goodness dotted around. The new gold sparkly thermal mugs and cups, which you can buy, are gorgeous too and I'm so pleased that got to take one home!

I was introduced to some yummy festive goodies, including chocolate and cherry muffins, ginger loaf, cranberry, white chocolate and orange cookies AND of course some luxury mince pies.

We also got to try out Starbucks' signature Christmas Blend coffee. Now, I'm not a fan of coffee at all, and not even a fan of Christmas spices, so I guess you could say I wasn't a fan of this. However, if you love your Christmassy spices then this would be right up your street as the blend really hits you!

The highlight was discovering the new red cup flavour... honey and almond hot chocolate. I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't like this as I'm not that fond of honey or almonds (okay, okay, I'm beyond fussy). However it was so delicious and such a perfect addition to the range this year. I think the best part of it is the gold sprinkles on top. Gold shimmer sugar is possibly my favourite thing ever right now.

Photo by Starbucks Birmingham
For those of you that have been pretty jealous of me having one of the first red cups of the year - don't fear, you can get the new honey and almond hot chocolate, along with the classic eggnog latte, toffee nut latte and gingerbread latte, from 4th November!

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25 October 2014

George at Asda Dresses | Wishlist

Ever since I purchased a gorgeous dusty pink dress from George at Asda to wear at my niece's Christening, I've always loved to see what little treats they have in store, and it never fails to impress.

The range of dresses is brilliant, and it still doesn't break the bank. You're looking at between £10-40 and there's something for everyone! I always find the clothes to be of great quality, don't shrink the wash and aren't too short for me... Win/win situation.

There's something for everyone, but I can't resist anything floral, sparkly or paisley...

1. Floral Check Dress - £18 | 2. All Over Sequin Dress - £25 | 3. Paisley Print Dress - £16 |
4. Jacquard Neck Trim Dress - £14 | 5. Floral Jersey Dress - £18 | 6. Lace Layer Dress - £35

Floral prints are my ultimate dresses to dress either up or down. I love the embellishment detail on the burgundy jacquard dress, as I'm pretty lazy when it comes to necklaces, so it does the job for me!

The layer dress gives off the perfect 'co-ord' feel too, and is definitely a contender for my next event. As for the sequin dress and paisley dress with sheer sleeves... Perfect for dinner and drinks.

I also love the fact that these 6 dresses cost less than £130 in total. Beautiful bargains! Thank god for pay day...

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by George at Asda. All opinions and views are my own.

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22 October 2014

Crown Deluxe Soft Fan Brush | Review

Crown IB104 Deluxe Soft Fan Brush - £7.19

I've never owned a fan brush before and I never really understood the point of it. I keep seeing beauty bloggers using them so I thought there's no better time than the present to see what all the fuss is about!

I do like using Crown Brushes, so this Deluxe Soft Fan Brush seemed like the perfect choice to start.

It's really soft and quite delicate to be honest. It's perfect to help sweep off any excess powder or eyeshadow that may have fallen on your face.

I've also started using it to help gently blend eyeshadow or contouring, as it doesn't move my foundation.

I don't use it as much as I could, but that's probably down to the fact I still think this brush is a 'nice to have' and not a necessity. Bloggers, prove me wrong please!

What do you use your fan brush for?

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18 October 2014

Photoblog: October 2014 (Part 1)

1. OOTD | 2. Homesense discovery. | 3. FOTD. | 4. DIY helper. | 5. Love my parent's roast dinners. | 6. Excited over a shoe rack. | 7. Excited over a bathroom cupboard. | 8. Holiday presents. | 9. OOTD. | 10. All the way from Asda. | 11. Christmas in October. | 12. Favourite. | 13. Cat cuddles. | 14. Favourite tree decoration. | 15. Pulled pork at EAT.

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15 October 2014

The Hope Flat Tour | Bedroom

People keep saying that the size of the bedroom doesn't matter, as I won't spend much time in there... Yes, that's true, but what people don't understand is how much clothes I own. I have to share a wardrobe with Alex... THAT'S IT. Back at my parent's house, I have one huge wardrobe, the tall chest of drawers (also in the photo), plus TWO chest of drawers. Bloggers, feel for me right now.

Anyway, welcome to the first in a series of 'Hope' flat tours (linked with the name of the building without giving too much away. Clever eh.). First up - the bedroom!

Bedside table: Ikea | Bed frame: Second hand | Bedding: George at Asda

Wardrobe and chest of drawers: Ikea

Alarm clock: Achica | Table lamp: Ikea

Photo frame: The Range

Photo frame: Debenhams | Window netting: Ikea

Bedding: George at Asda

Moving on from the negativity, we've decided not to do a great deal for the bedroom and there's no point. I adore the photo frame I found in The Range as it's just so 'us'. I also bought a 'memories' pin/clip board from the Next sale which will go up over the bed soon.

All our bedding (both sets) are from George at Asda. As much as I love the mint green one (mainly due to the colour) it doesn't keep the duvet in place very well, so I much prefer to use the patchwork quilt.

We also can't wait to change the bed... This was only bought second hand for £40 (the frame that is) but we really want to buy an Ottoman bed... Storage, hello!

Also, excuse the broken things, such as the bedside lamp. Typically that's on my side and I actually read in bed, but hey. Ikea came in handy for a little alternative for the time-being! I don't think we'll fix that though. I'd rather put up with it and spend the extra money on something decent... Like a Friday night takeaway... Or a new bag...

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11 October 2014

I'm all about that bass | Outfit

Topshop t-shirt | Primark midi skirt | Primark frilly socks | Converse

I'm determined to try and make the most of my summer wardrobe until absolutely necessary, so I decided to dig out my lilac midi skirt and team it with a slightly thicker tee and my Converse. Granted, I wore this a couple of weeks ago but still. I might swap the Converse for my military boots soon!

One thing I'm seriously loving at the moment is frilly socks with Converse. Don't ask me why as I can't explain it. I just love the look. So much so, I've stocked up on black socks and white socks so I can wear them over and over again.

Excuse the very sporadic blog posts until I get my feet back on the ground and appreciate writing words on the internet again. Starting a new job and getting used to the routine is so tiring... It's brilliant, but tiring. Once I've got through the first few weeks (I've already done three... Which is technically already a few, oops) then I'll be much better! Either that, or I might start blogging on the train. Ohhh now that's a thought to consider...

I also don't know why I've chosen this song. I used to like it, but after hearing it around 10 times a day on the radio at work, I'm starting to hate it...

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09 October 2014

MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Be A Lady | Review

MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Be A Lady - £20

The latest addition to my MAC collection, MAC's Mineralize Rich lipstick is a gorgeous product which I will happily wear throughout winter without worrying about the state of my lips.

This range is so nourishing and moisturising - probably more so than any other MAC lipstick I own. It feels lightweight and just great to wear, whilst also offering long-lasting colour. It's very silky when applied and doesn't feel sticky. It's just lovely.

As for the colour, Be A Lady is described as a mid-tone coral/pink. It's not too vibrant, which I actually prefer. I feel like I can wear this whenever, without holding too much of a statement! The colour does die down after a while, but a subtle hint of coral/pink will stick around for a few hours.

I'm a bit sad that the packaging has changed, with the product being slightly bigger than other MAC lipsticks. I can't fit this in my acrylic lipstick holder so it looks a bit out of place!

Other than that, I'm wearing this lipstick more often than expected. I love it.

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