11 October 2014

I'm all about that bass | Outfit

Topshop t-shirt | Primark midi skirt | Primark frilly socks | Converse

I'm determined to try and make the most of my summer wardrobe until absolutely necessary, so I decided to dig out my lilac midi skirt and team it with a slightly thicker tee and my Converse. Granted, I wore this a couple of weeks ago but still. I might swap the Converse for my military boots soon!

One thing I'm seriously loving at the moment is frilly socks with Converse. Don't ask me why as I can't explain it. I just love the look. So much so, I've stocked up on black socks and white socks so I can wear them over and over again.

Excuse the very sporadic blog posts until I get my feet back on the ground and appreciate writing words on the internet again. Starting a new job and getting used to the routine is so tiring... It's brilliant, but tiring. Once I've got through the first few weeks (I've already done three... Which is technically already a few, oops) then I'll be much better! Either that, or I might start blogging on the train. Ohhh now that's a thought to consider...

I also don't know why I've chosen this song. I used to like it, but after hearing it around 10 times a day on the radio at work, I'm starting to hate it...


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